Bike hire Mallorca for a spectacular cycling event

Mallorca 312 is a renowned cycling sportive held in Europe. Europe is itself a spectacular and a leading cycling destination. Well, the cycling event Mallorca 312 is the most difficult and challenging cycling event for amateurs out there. The term ‘Mallorca 312’ stands for covering 312 kms on a two-wheeler coupled with 5000 meters of continuous mountain climbing. So, you may understand the difficulty level. No matter what standard of cyclist you are, it will be a huge day out for you. Before riding the 312 route Mallorca, you should follow this section closely. This year due to the coronavirus pandemic, the event is postponed to October, 10, 2020. For riding the 312 route successfully, you need to consider bike hire Mallorca and choose the best bike for the sportive event.

Briefing on Mallorca 312

It is a closed-road grand fondo sportive event which is held annually around the mountains of Serra Tramuntana of Spain. Each year it takes place in the month of April, but this year it will occur in October. Your ride will begin in Playa de Muro which is a resort located in between the Can Picafort and Port d’ Alcudia. It is a 40 minute ride from the starting point to the airport. The entry fee may be around 80-90 Euros. Nearly 8000 riders take part in the event every year.

The 312 km loop of the majestic mountains from Serra Tramuntana to the northwest islands, the route picks up some of the best and the finest roads encompassing MA-10, Puig Major and Col De Femenia. In the initial 100-150 kms, a rider has to climb the mountains, but after that there won’t be any major climb. The various routes apart from Mallorca 312 are Mallorca 225 and Mallorca 167.

Entry is again difficult

Not everyone willing to cover the entire route gets a chance to do so. Only 8000 lucky people get a chance to ride through the mountains depending on their fitness level. Before the pass is given, the travel agency assesses your fitness level and then suggests a suitable bike. For those who are taking a cycling holidays in Calpe should consider bike hire Calpe. You can choose the bike as per the difficult level of the ride. There are various options in bike hire at BERGANTI BIKES. Besides getting the best bike for your ride, do consider an official jersey to stay motivated all throughout the ride.

Training for Mallorca 312

This is one such cycling event where you need to train yourself. You must at least climb 2500m before paying the registration fees. Buy a training plan from a travel agency to better train yourself. To get a personalized training, spend in a bespoke coaching.

There are hundreds of bike hire companies willing to offer you bike on rent in Mallorca. Among so many companies, the best choice would be . Apart from the bike, you must carry a helmet. Wear comfortable clothes and that which works for you. Coll De Femenia, Estellencs Coast, Alaro Stone Walled Lanes are the best part of the entire route.

Edward Aubry