Buying the Best Bocce Ball Sets in 2019

This is an exhilarating Italian game that turned your sidewalk into a playground. The game of ‘Bocce Balls’ is also called Italian Law blowing, which is a yard game for all ages. The game is top-rated in Italian cultures, and legend has it that many people would gather in the courtyard and play this game for hours to celebrate the weekend sunshine. 

The game is simple and can be played by people of all ages without any bias to the level of skill or strength. Based on the Top 5 Best Bocce Ball Sets [2019 Review], here is what you must look for when purchasing your set. Make sure you have the right kind of gear, or your interest in the game will end before a single match is over.

  • Material Quality

The game involves throwing the balls on one other and could also be subject to impact on hard surfaces. These conditions require excellent quality of the material. Be sure to buy a heavy and rigid set of Bocce Balls else they could damage after a few games. Another problem with lousy quality is they lose shape. If the ball loses shape, no matter how your aim is, the ball will always spin away from the place you need it to go. Make sure you read the reviews and check material before investing. 

  • Holding Container

As simple as the game is, it has too many moving parts. The game consists of eight Bocce Balls and one target ball. These are too many parts to keep track of. Depending on where you are going to store and transport the set, make sure you buy the appropriate kit bag or box for it. If you plan to take the kit with you on a holiday or a camping trip, be sure to check that the storage bag is not an inconvenience. One of the Top 5 Best Bocce Ball Sets [2019 Review], also comes in a stackable rack, so this will be a great addition to your room in terms of aesthetics. 

  • Weight of the Set

Lastly, it’s important to note the weight of the set. If you wish to play this game with very young kids, it would be ideal to invest in a light-weight kit. But if you are a large group of adults then the dimensions and weight should not matter. The weight factor would also affect the transport of the game, so keep its uses in mind, when you decide on the right one for you.   

Jose Moua