Choose the best Cricket and Gym ball for fitness  

Batting and Bowling are two essential aspects of the game of cricket. The player throws or hurls a ball when bowling and uses the bat to strike the ball when batting. 


Cricket balls are made of hard and solid material which is bound by leather. The ball is quite heavy and hurled at high speed when playing the game. When hit on the body at great speed, it can cause injury and damage depending on the force and intensity. The players hence wear maximum protective equipment to protect themselves from injuries when playing the game.  


Players use different strategies, tricks and methods when throwing or hurling the ball. Depending on the speed, grip, action, strength and other aspects of bowling, the cricket ball can move in the air, deviate after hitting the pitch, bounce variably and spin from one side to another. Bowling action, pitch surface, climatic condition, amount of wear and tear on the ball can all affect the cricket ball’s behaviour during the game. Professional players use all these factors to execute their tricks and influence their game performance when bowling. 


Gym balls are equipment used by fitness enthusiasts for exercise routine and workouts. Different types of exercises are performed using the gym balls to improve flexibility, strengthen body parts, enhance core stability and balance. Being large and used extensively, the gym ball call can help improve posture and gain strength. Sitting on one of the well-designed balls can be beneficial from an ergonomic point of view. It is also considered to be useful for maintaining spine health. Another benefit of gym balls is used as part of physiotherapy treatment.  


A right approach would be to start using it for exercise with help and guidance from a knowledgeable trainer. One can use a gym ball depending on the appropriate size, height and start performing related activities. Using it as part of everyday fitness routine can also be a good idea. When used correctly and efficiently, it is a versatile equipment for your exercise needs.  



Jose Moua