CSGO Tips for beginners

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive or CSGO is a multilayer game. At its first sight, it looks like a shooter- you have to get a gun, run at all the places, and then kill all the opponents that you meet on your way. However, new dimensions shall open up; there will be differences between weapons, in-depth team communications, many map details, and interesting social activities. The game is a phenomenon and beginners open new layers and advanced players deepen the understanding of battles between Counter-Terrorists. Unlike other games, this game has the same beginning conditions for every player.

The skills matter and the way you use your skills. Players who play this game may opt for Counter-Terrorists or Terrorists. The characters may look different and they may have different weapons. However, the main difference is in playing goals. The main objectives of this game to either plant a bomb or defuse a bomb, to free hostages or keep them. Teams begin the rounds in their special zones. You can plant bombs in other zones, known as a bombsite. Hostages remain in the terrorist zone and they must be delivered to a safe zone. In these scenarios, there is a winning condition-killing the opponents. 

Maps and Game modes

Every CSGO map has many small features and a unique location. In order to be successful in a game, players have to learn the maps quite well, know the hidden details including shooting positions, paths to bombsites, and a spot for fire, smoke, and flashes. There are several maps in this game and developers add community-made and new locations. It is difficult to know them all and making such an effort is unnecessary. Many players choose some of the popular maps and develop the playing skills. The game has many modes with unique conditions including one bombsite or an unreal activity. The maps and modes are listed in special sections including Wingman and War Games. 

About CSGO Prime

If you are new to this game then you must have heard about CSGO Prime. To get CSGO Prime Accounts, you will not have to pay additional money that you have paid for this game. Prime was introduced in April 2016 as an experimental service. It tried to enhance matchmaking that was unpredictable a little bit. Players who have signed up for Prime Accounts are usually matched against players who have Prime Accounts. The reason is Prime account holders are considered more trustworthy compared to those who do not have them. 


Clare Louise