Do you like to be active? Start playing Triathlon

Sports include activities which require physical strength and skill. People get so busy enhancing their cognitive skills, that they take sports very lightly.

Sports, however, are responsible for the physical development of a person. and leaves a positive impact on one’s body and also act as a stress buster. Sports keep one’s heart stronger and helps to maintain healthy blood pressure. It also improves the social life of an individual and also bring discipline in life. To maintain a good health, you can opt for multi-sport training.

Many of us are tired of giving several written examinations. We are fed up with showing our mental capability by doing a job that requires deep thinking and bookish knowledge. Now, it’s time to go out there and show the physical strength by actively participating in sports activities.


One way of stepping into a healthy sports life is to participate in a triathlon. Triathlon is a multisport race consisting of three consecutive races. These races include swimming, cycling, and running. Switches from one race to another, by the participants, are done in the transition area. People appearing for a triathlon are trained for many hours. Many people participate in this sport for their physical fitness. Training for the race renders the benefits of cardiovascular exercises.

Let us now take a look at the three most common races of this sport:


●      Swimming:

Swimming in triathlon is all about swimming in open water, not in swimming pools with lanes. Since water in outdoor swimming areas is cold, triathletes are provided with specialized swimsuits. Dolphin kicking and body surfing are a few of the techniques often used by triathletes.

●      Cycling:

Cycles for triathletes are built for aerodynamics. They have special components including aerodynamic wheels and aero bars. Their cycles have a steep seat-tube angle so that the aerodynamics is improved. At the end of the race, triathletes use a cycle with a high cadence.

●      Running:

Triathletes perform back-to-back training for the two races – cycling and running. This is because immediately switching from cycling to swimming causes muscle weakness resulting in painful sensation in thighs. The phenomenon of this back-to-back workout is known as ‘bricks’.


Turning a passion for endurance sports into a career:

If anyone is genuinely interested in these endurance sports, he must not hesitate to turn a passion for endurance sports into a career. One can opt for triathlon coach certification, in order to teach the sport professionally. There are people not wanting to dedicate their full life to a 9 to 5 job. Well, now there’s no need to. There are many ways in which you can dedicate your life to sports.

Andrea Robidoux