Find out the best quality of hockey shin pads

Why do you need Shin Guards for Hockey?

Hockey shin guards are mainly created to defend your shins from pucks and hockey sticks (hacks and cuts) and defend your knees from the ice when you go down. Middle and high-end models also secure your calves. So, let’s know more about the hockey shin pads.

Popular brands        

Most common brands of shin pads include:

  • Bauer (Supreme, Vapor, Nexus)
  • CCM (Super Tacks, Jetspeed)
  • Sher-Wood, Winnwell Graf, and Powertek are also around, although not as common.
  • Reebok (Now under the CCM name)
  • Warrior (Dynasty, Alpha)
  • Easton (now owned by Bauer – Stealth, Mako)

Different Price Range

For a new pair off of shin guards, you will range between $30-160 new.

The difference in material/features and price ranges

The unique feature mentioned by all shin guards is that they consist of plastic external armour and a froth liner. The plastic surface has been divided into two parts with the combined just under the knee, which allows more suppleness and a perfect fit.

The cost-effective hockey shin guards comprise a quite thin shell and facing, as it makes them far less protection. When you begin to enhance quality and you will obtain a thicker surface, more stuffing, and best quality resources. You also find a more considerable calf cover, which can be functional. High-end pads always make use of several types of froth to increase the standard ones, such as Bauer’s Armor froth or Poron XRD (which is in fact quite efficient), or CCM’s D30 foam. These materials enable for very maximum levels of safety without heaviness.

The most vital feature of fit is the measurement lengthwise. Hockey shin guards are considered in inches (usually whole), which point towards the distance from the focus of the plastic knee shell down to the foot of the shin surface.

Every maker also has the best diagram (making use of your altitude to find out shin guard size), but determining yourself will be more specific, as two people of the similar altitude that includes various size legs.

An amazing way to find out what exactly comes to fit you is to just try a team on. When you stand up with knees a little twisted, the shin pad should comfortably cover up your knee, and drop to simply a little above your ankle bone. You can fit 2 or 3 fingers flat under the base of the shin guard, at the frontage. Also, you can constrict the shin pads up perfectly that they won’t turn around, but sock ribbon can also help if required.

Stacy Tibbs