MyGolfSpy uses the GC2 launch monitor regularly for testing club data. The technology is fascinating and made all the tests easy. In 2010, the GC2 made its first debut and runs till now. The technology is getting advanced as it makes it to its 6th year. Have a look at gc quad product here.

The GCQuad

Foresight launches its newest technology after passing its 5-year development. The features of the GC2 were upgraded in the GCQuad, starting from the software, lenses, camera, and other components.

The foresight marks the industry’s 1st quadroscopic launch monitor with four massively equipped cameras that provides a fuller view and can notice even the slightest changes in the rotation or angle. The expectations of a launch monitor have gone to heights after discussing its high-resolution system. Foresight has made many improvements in the GCQuad that gives accurate and precise data for every shot.


  • The aligning feature in the GC2 wasn’t that great in outdoor targets. This feature got an upgrade in the GCQuad. The device comes with a reflective alignment stick with the new model. Aim for the goal with the golf stick and click a few buttons to get it right.
  • The GCQuad has a wide display screen on the launch monitor, which makes it easy to read and access the menus easily.
  • GCQuad gives better access to the hitting area when compared to GC2. It tends to reduce the time users save rolling balls, but it should also remove the need to relocate the gadget while shifting far away and getting back.
  • You can connect the GCQuad device through USB, Ethernet, or WIFI.
  • You can use a detachable lithium-ion battery in emergency cases. The GCQuad battery can last for about 10 hours. GCQuad gives easy and tool-free battery replacement for its customers.
  • The durable weatherproof exterior casing of the new model protects the cameras and other internal components.
  • The flash unit of the GCQuad has stable LED illumination, which removes the requirement for periodic flash replacement.
  • The HMT capability is now part of the GCQuad. An extra license will be required to unlock its full potential. It now includes the ability to collect putter data with the ball and head data. Regardless of their license level, all individuals will have the opportunity to record swing speed.


The Foresight GCQuad was first out around springtime. It officially debuted at a 2017 PGA Show. The launch monitor’s base price costs 11,000 USD. There are many other features that you can add to the launch monitor that also comes at a price.

The GCQuad launch monitor is available across various online platforms and in-store.

You can find it on eBay with discounts or on the following sites:

  • The indoor launch shop
  • Rain or shine Golf, and
  • top shelf golf


Foresight introduces an instructional platform backed by renowned instructors, PGA Professionals, a newly established advisory board, and a growing number of brand ambassadors. The world’s great experts join the Foresight team.

Jose Moua