Golf: Not Just an Old Sport

Golf courses are not only great in places like the United States, Canada or Japan. But it is also no surprise that Europe has some of the best golf courses any gold player could ever ask for. Not only are they vast and rich, but there are many different sites wherein they can play as much as they want. They do not just have to stick to one course, there is a lot of fields and they will surely not miss out on the fun wherever they go.

Golf is a sport that many people may find very complicated, whether they are amateur or professional players or just an audience who may or may not know a thing about the sport. Many would say that is one of those borings sports, there is no thrill, they could say, no action. Unlike sports like basketball, car racing, boxing, or any others that have loud background noises.

But in fact, golfing can be considered one of the most sophisticated sports out there. It has a quiet tenderness to it, a soft melodic aura, a touch of focus, a hint of the grip, a sprinkle of determination, and a lot of giving it their all. In the literal sense, golf is a club-and-ball sport, where the balls have to be into a series of holes on a course with the use of various clubs in a few strokes as possible.

There are specific grounds where the game of golf is played (golf courses). There are a series of holes, with each comprising of a teeing ground, a fairway, the rough and other hazards, as well as a green with a flagstick (or the “pin”) and hole (or the “cup”). There are 18 holes in a standard round of golf courses. There are 18 holes in most courses, there are some that share fairways or greens, with a subset that has nine holes, which are played twice per round. Par-3 courses comprise of 9 or 18 holes, they all have a par of three strokes.

There is a variety of places where you can play golf or watch golfers do their thing. Golf courses are big and have enough space for many people to gather around. It would be a shame to let the oppurtunity of being in such a wonderful, beautiful land and not experience the amazing game of golf.

Older courses are usually links, which are often coastal. Typically, courses are private, public, or municipality-owned which feature a pro shop. Country clubs have many private courses.

So hurry up and book a Scotland, England and Ireland golf tours. You will be able to live the beauty and classy game of golf without having to go at it alone. Tours will be provided and you will be very comfortable in the field.

Andrea Robidoux