Off-Ice Shooting Drills for Synthetic Ice

If you’re looking to get serious about your hockey game, you’re going to need to find drills to practice off-ice. Synthetic ice training is a great way to strengthen your game. Here are some simple off-ice shooting drills that can help hone your skills to the next level!

Puck Hackey

Description: Bounce a tennis ball on the blade of your stick, trying to keep the ball in the air for as many bounces as you can at a time. Keep track of your numbers and try to beat your previous record!

Skills Developed: Hand-eye-stick coordination, timing, soft-hands

Necessary Gear: Tennis ball or hockey puck

Walk the Dog

Description: Pick up a puck off the ground using your stick and start it at the toe-end of your blade (on the forehand side). Try to move the puck all the way to the butt-end, jumping the puck a couple inches at a time down the blade and stick shaft. Essentially, you’re just barely flipping the puck in the air and you’re catching it a little further down the stick. Repeat until the puck has traveled the length of the stick.

Skills Developed: Hand-eye-stick coordination, soft hands

Necessary Gear: Hockey puck

Baseball Soft Toss

Description: Stand in front of a hockey net and have a partner soft-toss pucks to you. Try to tap the pucks out of the air and into the net. Even though this drill is stolen from baseball, remember, you aren’t taking big baseball swings. Try to tap the puck into the net in the same way you would in a game.

Skills Developed: Hand-eye-stick coordination, tipping pucks, screening, timing

Necessary Gear: Hockey pucks (white pucks for a progression described below) and a hockey net

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Andrea Robidoux