Seth Rollins Finally Burns the Firefly Fun House Down

Many people, including Seth Rollins’ fans, have been wondering about when would he burn down the Fiend, and that time came just this past week on the 14 October 2019 episode of Monday Night Raw. The Kingslayer, who is on the covers of WWE events for long has now given back The Fiend what he was never expecting, at least in the latest turnout of the events.

The interview with Charly Caruso earlier on that episode saw that Seth Rollins was determined to get his hands on Bray Wyatt as he wasn’t able to do it at Hell in a Cell. Also, with Bray Wyatt now being drafted to the Smackdown brand of the WWE, he would be engrossed in the SmackDown Results itself and would not find an occasion to take the things further anytime soon. Hence, the WWE has already scheduled a match between the WWE Universal Champion and The Fiend at the Crown Jewels Pay Per View.

The rivalry between the Fiend Bray Wyatt and Seth is not too old that one needs to have a look at the past events in depth. It began only when Bray Wyatt interfered in the matches of Seth Rollin’s time and again, just to prove something that never existed. After many instances of interference, Seth took to heels and decided to confront the Fiend a number of times, which ended in failure though. Therefore, it was obvious that Seth Rollins would take things way too far when they both are caged inside the Steel Cell for the WWE Championship.

Seth used a Sledgehammer on the Fiend Bray Wyatt during the match before hitting him with multiple superkicks and then Stomping him in the ring. However, the match ended in a no contest, which meant that the rivalry wasn’t over yet. The confrontations continued to happen between the two superstars every week on WWE Raw, and this past week Seth Rollins decided to take something away from the Fiend as well — his mental peace.

Seth Rollins entered the Firefly Fun House on the night of 14 October of Raw, after the Fiend was done attacking Seth Rollins verbally and issuing a challenge to find him in the process. However, Seth did take the right route and found the Firefly Fun House with Bray Wyatt in it. After having done with Bray Wyatt, Seth decided to Burn it Down and get some vengeance on Bray Wyatt for he had been disturbed mentally for a long time.

Also, the series of events that took place later that night, after this process of Burning things down was completed has made things really interesting for the fans of the WWE. Now that the sole purpose of existence of the Fiend is over as the Firefly Fun House is destroyed, Seth would have to keep a watch on his title, which Bray Wyatt will be eyeing now for sure. This is reflected in the tweets exchanged between the two, where Seth Rollins has asked Bray for his Vengeance instead of Forgiveness.

Clare Louise