The Significance of Avondje NAC in the history of NAC football club

It was the year of 1975 when NAC board decided to participate in the home matches on Saturday. It was this time when the group of fanatic NAC fans clubbed together and acquired attention in the matches. The incredible support by these young fan attracted many other young followers of NAC which is in fact, in support of the same till date. Tis fierce support became a great lead of NAC and it was titled as Avondje NAC in the Netherlands. 

Avondje NAC is known to be an incredible evening of Burgundian fun along with love, beer, dance and love for the club. This evening helps in enhancing the intimidating atmosphere in the stadium during home matches. As much as Avondje NAC becomes a fun custom to support the NAC football team, they had to face the relegations two times. 

It was after the second relegation, when the financial situation became terrible for NAC. As a matter of fact, NAC was declared bankrupt and had to sell even their personal belongings just to survive the era. But in the 80s, the situation for NAC improved when the team started playing in the top of EersteDivisie. On June 7, 1989, AndroKnel, one of the finest NAC layers died in a plane crash. A memorial was thrown for him and Avondje NAC was in fact, considered as commendable act at his memorial. 

In the year 1992, NAC finally struggles to get promoted to Eredivisie with the new team managed by Ronal Spelbos including the popular names like John Lammers, Pierre Van Hoojidonk, Ton Lokhoff, John Karesle, FabianWilnis as the part of this team. NAC team from then has received commendable support from their fans and in fact, acquired a soft spot in their hearts. And well, it will continue to do so till the end of this era. And with recent support from Marcel Van Hoojidonk who bought the gold watched in the auction and served in back to NAC museum. 

Paul Petersen