Smart Tips To Play Fantasy Cricket Smartly

Cricket is not just a sport in India. Over the years, it has become a craze, passion and emotion. People follow cricket like a religion. Owing to such magnanimous popularity of cricket in India, there are plenty of fantasy games that have been dedicated to cricket. People can now play their favourite games online with comfort.

Fantasy cricket is among the most popular fantasy games in India. Getting the player closer to the real match, Fantasy Cricket allows you to create your own fantasy team that will showcase your talent, skills and knowledge of cricket. If you want to play Fantasy Cricket, you need to create your own team with real cricket players according to their performance. Each player comprises of a point that you will score when they perform well in the live matches. 

How To Play Fantasy Cricket? Tips And Tricks To Follow

Just like any other game, Fantasy Cricket also has some tips and tricks that can help you steer through the game smoothly and emerge victoriously.

Monitor Player Performance

Fantasy Cricket is all about picking the right time and making the right bet. Selecting the player is one of the crucial decisions you will make in the game. It is essential to understand the player’s performance in the previous matches before including him in your team. You need to keep an update of all the matches to ascertain the player’s performance. 

Understand The Pitch

Pitch also plays a significant role in picking the right players. Though it is not possible to check every single pitch, it is advised to do a bit of research before making any decision. For instance, a flat pitch is every batsman’s favorite, so selecting a minimum number of bowlers would be the ideal smart decision to make the best use of the pitch.

Players Are Playing The Live Match

When you create a team with your players, make sure that they are playing the next match. It is the worst thing that can happen to you that your selected players are not playing the game that day. If you are keen to know how to play Fantasy Cricket for maximum benefits, then it is advisable to avoid the players that are benched for the season.

Go For Top Order Batsmen

There are plenty of top-ranking batsmen that are given the highest points. It is advised to pick those batsmen while creating your team. For instance, MS. Dhoni is the best batsman, but he generally bats in the 5th or 6th position that reduces the opportunity to showcase his performance. Hence, it is advised to go for players who will bat in the first four positions, especially during ODIs and T20s. 


Since its launch, Fantasy Cricket has grabbed massive popularity among cricket enthusiasts. Those who want to enter a real cricket match can now play Fantasy Cricket with their own players. If you are looking for how to play Fantasy Cricket, then the above-mentioned tips and tricks will certainly help you in showcasing your best in the game. 

Play Fantasy Cricket and satiate your cricket cravings!


Andrea Robidoux