The Age of Sports Streaming Is Just Getting Started

As we approach the end of the year, we also find ourselves knee-deep in one of the best times of the year for sports: The IPL is in full swing, the NBA is at its end and the NFL is just getting started! Don’t forget that domestic football seasons have just begun, Tennis tournaments are ongoing and Formula One is heating up. All these and we even have Winter Sports that draw a good enough of fans.

With such a wealth of sporting events to cater to any kind of fan, one should not find themselves getting bored. Thankfully, it seems that sports streaming has finally caught up to our needs too, as one can watch a live match anywhere! Yes, we now live in an era when it’s possible to keep track of all the important games as you’re on the go between work and weekend getaways. The advent of streaming sports has made it possible to never miss a moment instead of wondering how your favourite IPL team is doing or if how many goals your favorite footballer has scored.

Watching an HD stream of almost any sporting event one could want on their phone is becoming more popular than watching on the television, if you live in a family where the tv is shared. Plus given the size of phone screens and the competitive data prices offered by mobile network companies, the need to have a satellite connection to watch sports is decreasing. A 2016 study at the University of Southern California found that mobile devices were becoming more popular in how sports are watched, especially among younger viewers: “65% of GenZ & younger Millennial fans are consuming sports content on mobile device.” Streaming sports, gives people the chance to stay up to date & in the loop with most important live sports events, no matter where they are or what event they are attending.

Finally even if you are unable to watch the live stream of the match, these apps give minute by minute updates and score lines. For example, if you cannot watch a live IPL match, you can still get the IPL cricket live score right from an app like FanCode. This is not only a cricket score app, but users can watch live Bundesliga matches, stay updated on a multitude of sporting events, view exclusive interviews with sports stars and get the latest news from the sporting world. So be the first with everything sports related and get FanCode today!

Edward Aubry