Tiny Tips That Make a Deep Impact in Your Little Alchemy Performance

Our planet is mostly composed of rocks that originated from molten lava, which, under tremendous heat and pressure, changes into different rocks. Water is also a critical ingredient in creating different forms of life. Miracles happen when some of the most basic ingredients of the planet and combined together. How neat are your ideas of combination? Playing the game of Little Alchemy will give you the answer.

If you have yet not fared well in this game, then applying some handy guidelines might yield better results.

Use This Little Aid

After you have created an object by mixing two items, click on your new creation and hold it for a second. You will get a special tooltip that will recapitulate the items that you have used to make that specific combination. If any of your listed ingredients comes with an underline, it means you cannot mix it with any other element for another fresh creation.

Broad Strokes Come First

Serious game designers like Games Big One suggest that you need to be strategic while setting up your ‘world.’ For example:

  • To form pressure, consider choosing earth and earth, or air and air for your initial combinations.
  • Add fire with air to generate energy. This will be helpful in creating other productive elements like electricity (when you combine them with metal).
  • Again, to create different weather patterns, you can combine pressure with air.
  • Earth and water, when mixed together, generates mud. You can later mix it with fire to brick. You can also add mud with sand to create clay, and further mix with fire to make potteries.

The game brings with a plethora of combinations. A little bit of change in elements can give way to surprising results, thus opening up incredible options.

Look For the Chains

Even a number of seasoned players skip looking for the results that you can get by combining two of a kind items. For example:

  • By combining brick with brick, you get walls.
  • Combining two walls would result in a home.
  • Mixing a home with another will make a village.
  • Adding two villages will create a city.

Find out the different things that you can create with chains like these.

Get Going With Vegetation

Creating plants and greenery would significantly expand your available choices. So add water and air to get rain. Later, add rain and water to create foliages. Now use your creativity to make swamps, ponds, gardens, and many a thing in your regime.

Jose Moua