Volleyball Attack Machine- A Useful Gaming Simulation Tool  

Simulation is one of the major inventions in the gaming world that has incorporated high-level innovation in the improvement of experimental learning throughout various indoor and outdoor sports. A simulation replicates real-life contexts in a sport where an adult participant can learn and improve his techniques through interactive experiences. This has been an incredibly useful tool for players who are unfamiliar with or do not have access to complex real-world situations. One such tool is the volleyball attack machine. This replicates various types of volleyball serves and helps to develop both learning and behavioral skills required for making decisions without any real cost implications.

What is an attack volleyball machine?

This is a volleyball training tool that uses simulation to create replicas of various types of volleyball serves. The machine has a ball release point that can be elevated up to the highest position to create an attack position. From this position topspin serves, and float serves are generated to attack at any location. The volleyball attack machine matches up to the actual height of 8ft and 3 inches while simulating jump serve. It provides thousands of reps in a short period of time to develop more accuracy with repeatability in serve receive, setting, and understanding of the technicalities of the game.

Features of attack volleyball machin

Repetition training 

The machine is designed with two extra-wide throwing wheels that provide thousands of reps to develop skills and achieve accuracy with every drill without wasting time on errant hits.


There are two top and bottom wheel speed controlling systems that are used to create a full range of spins including sharp topspins and breaking floaters. This replicates real match situations by serving at any point and from any angle. An 80 MPH jump serve of internal level speed can also be delivered by adjusting the location pins on the shaft of the machine to set it at the highest position.


This is specifically advantageous for digging drills by delivering the ball at realistic angles from over the net with power and accuracy of actual gaming conditions.

Horizontal throwing head movement

This feature of pinpointing the ball delivery in any direction allows the coach the train players on their weak sides and develop a strong range of ball hitting skills.

Vertical movement 

Adjusting vertical position with any horizontal position creates serves at any desired point and angle. This helps to better understand the delivery and challenges in a game situation and improve constantly under different circumstances.


Locking casters of this small movable unit provide great stability and mobility on the court.


The volleyball attack machine has a setup that fits any standard storage space. One can also remove the throwing head and place it in an open gym. The machine is generally covered to protect it from any kind of damage in the storage space.

The machine is easy to handle and anyone starting from an assistant coach, player, student or even parent can operate it efficiently. This frees the coach to engage himself in training the practicing players with the proper techniques and mechanics of the game.

The other specifications of the machine include

  •   110V and 220/240V electrical requirements.
  •   A new throwing wheel of 10″ diameter and 4″ width.
  •   The platform has a height of around 37.5″.
  •   And an instant location controlling system.
  •   The safety issue is dealt with utmost care and the machine has a 16-gauge diamond plate and non-slip surface to ensure safety while in use.
  •   The machine has a powder-coated rust-resistant tube that provides longer durability.
  •   Stability is ensured by the extra-wide base of the back.


Use of attack volleyball machine 

This game-improvement tool has multiple benefits-

  •   It increases the skill and understanding of the game.
  •   A player’s cognitive and behavioral learning improves with every delivery.
  •   A high-level active involvement enhances the knowledge of real gaming circumstances.
  •   This lightweight and agile machine prepares one for the big game.



The inclusion of simulation in gaming has been the most emerging trend in terms of creating experimental, analytical, cognitive, and behavioral changes with low cost-effectiveness. A volleyball attack machine thus helps a player to engage in active learning and rigorous training through complex gaming situations.


Paul Petersen