Why You Need a Gun Belt, Sport

Most people have heard of a gun belt and wonder if it is for them. While it is completely subjective whether someone needs a gun belt for their belt holsters, it is generally a good idea to have one. Here is more about this accessory and why it is necessary for a lot of people.

What Is It?

As you’ve probably noticed by now, not all belts are created equal. You have everything from twine tied around your waist to high-quality handcrafted leather belts, and they all perform differently. A gun belt lies somewhere in the middle of this scale and is specifically designed to support concealed and open carry holsters. Gun belts can hold up your pants and stabilize your firearm while offering the benefits of thick leather that resists stretching over time and fits with or without your holster.

What Problems Can It Solve?

Both new and experienced firearm owners can experience various problems that they probably don’t even think are due to their everyday belts. However, once you switch to a gun belt, you will notice that it solves many of these issues, including back pain and concealment issues. For people who carry larger weapons, this is very noticeable. While most concealed carry weapons are under two pounds when fully loaded, this is still enough to throw you out of alignment if it is bouncing around or sagging. The belt can offer stabilization to solve your back pain and concealment issues that arise from a heavy gun.

How Does It Work?

Basically, the benefits of a gun belt all boil down to thicker leather. These belts are also made with better materials than their department store counterparts. For instance, most will be made with full-grain leather for maximum thickness and stability.

If you will be carrying a firearm regularly, it is a good idea to give a gun belt a try. Since they are specially designed to hold up your holsters, they are a great way to solve some common problems of carrying a pistol.


Clare Louise