Women Are Beautiful Sport

Let’s say this really loud for the people in the back: the age of shaming women for how their bodies look is over. While it’s fine for each individual to have a personal preference regarding their own level of attraction, it’s not okay to impose that preference on others. The idea that every woman has to conform to some unrealistic, cookie cutter standard of beauty is harmful to the emotional well-being of all women no matter what their age. That’s why the movement to celebrate women’s beauty regardless size or shape is so important. Women have been told to strive for arbitrary and unattainably high beauty standards for too long. It’s time we celebrate women for the beautiful creatures they already are.

Slim Builds

Some women are simply not built to be curvy. The idea that women who need small bra sizes should undergo surgery to gain letters and numbers on their chest is a choice each woman needs to make for herself. No one should impose that judgment on another person. The changing attitudes towards women’s beauty standards are embracing the idea that women of slim builds have the right to pretty, feminine clothing if they so choose. No one style is going to work for every woman, though. If a woman with a slim build chooses clothing that is less feminine, that doesn’t make her any less a woman.

Curvier Silhouettes

As we encourage each person to be comfortable in her – or his – own skin, we need to throw out the idea that healthy equals skinny. Science tells us many things about the way the female body is designed; two stand out. One is that women and men tend to store fat differently in their bodies based on the way our bodies are biologically designed. The other is that there are four major vitamins our bodies need which require deposits of fat in order for those vitamins to be processed. Ever hear of vitamins A, D, E and K? They’re very important to our health, but not soluble in water.

Somewhere In Between

Many women fall somewhere in between. Whether top heavy or pear shaped, each woman has a unique beauty that should be recognized and celebrated by those who love her. Ladies, the people in your lives should encourage you to live your best, healthiest life, no matter how your body looks.

Our culture should set a goal towards increased body positivity and the improved mental health associated with it for everyone.

Clare Louise