How to Select a Tee shirt


Fit is the foundation of great style. Yet while we typically think about the fit for the garments like the suit as well as gown tee shirt, it is very important to get a great fit in your tees, as well.

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  • Size/Tightness. A t-shirt must be neither too saggy neither as well limited. If it’s huge, it will drape as well as sag like a pillow case and be unflattering. You’ll appear like a packed sausage, an appearance that can read as some mix of conceited, flamboyant, and/or douchey. If you remain in form, as well as have an excellent construct, you can lean in the direction of tighter over looser. If you’re carrying additional weight, leans in the direction of a looser fit, yet do not go too far, as too much extra textile will only make you look bigger instead of smaller sized.
  • Shoulder seams. The areas where the sleeves connect with the body should specifically line up with the area where the shoulder ends instead of getting shorter on the arm or in the direction of your neck.
  • A t-shirt’s sleeves must strike the halfway up of your upper arm. The ones that extend a bit further down might look proportional only if you are really tall.
  • The bottom of your tee needs to strike no higher compared to your hips, at the very least cover your waist, and also preferably expand a few inches listed below it. Any much shorter as well as you’re heading right into stomach territory, and run the risk of revealing your butt when you flex over. Longer than that and the t-shirt starts trending right into a nightgown.
  • Stay clear of blocky tees that use like a sandwich board with sleeves. You desire the tee to be cut so it follows the form of your body a little.


T-shirts are available in two primary types of necklines: The V-neck as well as the crew. Each function best as per the way they look, in addition to the proportion of your face and body.

  • The crew collars. This is one of the most timeless option, and uses a timeless look. Its fits males who have a small body and mount, as the collar draws the visitor’s eye out, expanding the neck line and producing the look of squarer shoulders. The team collar is also a great selection for men with narrower faces and longer necks, as its equilibriums as well as includes proportion to these attributes.
  • The V-neck. A V-neck has a slightly much less formal feel than the crew collar, as well as adds a little bit more aesthetic rate of interest as well as style to the common tee.


Clare Louise