Tips On How To Be A Successful And Effective Basketball Coach

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Some kids are interested to learn sports at an early age and this is a good way for them to enhance their skills as well as their strength or physical abilities. However, parents are also aware that young children may still have tantrums at times so it is possible to notice this. But if your child shows interest in sports, such as basketball, then he may take things seriously and would be very attentive because his willingness to learn is there.

Keep in mind that most of the trainers are working under a consulting agency which means that they are hired as professionals and skilled basketball coaches with qualifications. That’s why no matter how your children behave will not be a problem and can be managed as long as the person in charge is trained, certified, and specialized in the said sports. I guess they are well aware of various issues and concerns that younger generations are experiencing due to different settings at home, so they know how to treat them.

By the way, you should know that these experts are not just anybody but they are professionals who do not only know how to play such a sport. They can also help your children to develop new skills which I believe is something that they can carry as they grow older so expect them to play better the next time you see them in the field. Therefore, as parents, you have to make sure to choose the right consulting agency to ensure that your child will not only gain knowledge but be nurtured to be better kids, too.


You should be a role model so make sure to watch your manners. It is important to teach and apply the spirit of sportsmanship. They can do this with a simple handshake or high-five which is a good way to show respect.

Another thing, remind your players that teamwork is involved when playing basketball so they can’t be selfish. Instead, they have to support other members of the team and help in achieving a common goal. That is to make a score and win but let them know that losing will always be a part of the game and your efforts are always appreciated.

Do not forget to always show a positive attitude even when a player made an error or lost this match. Never bring them down because they need to hear your encouraging and inspiring words to continue playing. Believe in their skills and abilities because they did their best.

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As a coach and a consultant, it is your job to teach this generation but in a setting where you can apply the philosophy – continue reading from, play with interest, and learn basketball. Communication is a great tool here because the players and the coach must understand each other, however; you do not always need to talk. Keep in mind that signs and gestures are also means of communication so these must be applied as well.

Most of the members in this group are very young and I believe that they are grouped according to their age, skill, or level. These kids need continuous learning or education and you have to give those instructions, compliments, words of encouragement, as well as motivation. They will do what they were told since they obey as if these children were in the classroom, but don’t overfeed them because learning naturally is also good.

It would be great if coaching is performed by using all the resources in the court. You can’t just let them use one ball when they are just starting to learn the basics. Therefore, make sure each kid will hold a ball to dribble or to use for the drilling activities.


Let the children play and learn at the same time during the practice days but train them in friendly competition. They can compete by applying the drills that they have learned. And then, do not forget that they should still have fun when playing basketball.

Pretty sure that these kids have hidden skills so let them bring it out naturally so that this will be improved. Let’s say that you can enhance their skills by preparing drills, such as constant dribbling, knocking the ball away from the member of the competing team, and free-throw to name a few. As a coach, you will take note of their skills because this is the best way to find out who will be in the first half or who is going to be the substitute.

While practicing, you may regroup your team by two or three members each to test their skills and abilities. Through this way, you will find out who is more suitable for each position or when he should enter the game. Allowing them to compete with each other in a friendly manner is also a way to bring out their best or to show how far they can go.


Strategies should be kept simple for their young minds to easily remember and keep in mind that basketball must be set as a simple game to minimize the pressure and feeling of nervousness or fear. This is the best thing that couches must possess since they are consultants and advisers, which means that they are not only paid to look after your child or teach him how to play. A strategy will help achieve their goal to win because, without this, your skills and abilities will be of no use so you have to incorporate offenses.

The simple transition is a fast or press break offense where the player should make a score without dribbling the ball and this must be laid up within 5 seconds only. We also have the simple half-court which is a ball movement or a teamwork offense where the players must catch the ball and pass it before shooting. The other offense is called the triangle – find out more to learn, which is quite difficult for kids to achieve unless he is like a professional who can do it well so let’s say that it is for professionals and kids need more time to do it.

Clare Louise