Cleaning a Waterslide Inflatable

There are many different types of waterslide inflatablesslides from which to choose, which many are designed for younger children.  Some are just slides while others are attached to an inflatable pool.  They also come in a variety of sizes and designs.  When using the slide their body oils, suntan lotion, and sweat are all over the slide not to mention whatever they bring over from the lawn.  All of this can lead to a breeding ground for germs and mold, which can lead to health issues for children.  This is why it is very important that you keep it clean and sanitized after each use.

Drain all unclean water

As mentioned some of the slides are attached to an inflatable swimming pool so make sure that you get rid of the dirty water daily.  You do not want any of this dirty water sitting around.  It should not hurt to dump it onto the lawn but make sure that it does not puddle.  You can also drain it onto an area of payment.

Rinse the slide

After you have gotten rid of the dirty water use a garden hose or buckets of water to rinse the slid off.  If your garden hose has different water pressures choose the medium pressure.  The pressure will be strong enough to rinse it off but not so hard that it could damage the slide.

Scrub the waterslide

Most of these types of slides are made of lightweight vinyl so you should use vinyl cleaner with a soft sponge.  You can also use a mild dish soap instead mixed with water; for every gallon of water use a teaspoon of soap.  Rinse it again to make sure that you have all the cleaner off because you do not want to leave any residue on the slide.

Dry the slide

After you have cleaned it make sure that if you are going to store it away that you dry it off.  If you put it away with moisture it can lead to a mold build up.  If it is going to stay outside for more uses then you can just let the sunlight and wind dry it off.  You can take a soft cloth and dry any crevices or areas that may not dry in the air.  If you decide to let it dry naturally before storing it, this can take a few hours to a few days, depending on the size of the water inflatables slide.

Storing it

Before you store it away, make sure that you take the time to make sure that it is completely dry.  Do not just fold it and put it on a shelf but in some kind of carrier to prevent it from becoming damaged.

Clare Louise