Redefining The Volleyball Game Using The Volleyball Training Machines 


The development behind the modern technology of the efficient volleyball machine is exciting. It began a couple of years ago when baseball players started building and designing their pitching machines. With time, the technological advancements increased pitching machines’ developments that had spinning wheels intended to improve the quality of the player’s practice and the pitching machine’s performance.

Volleyball pitching machines are also referred to as the volleyball serving machines, and technology has been the critical factor in its development. The best volleyball serving devices have the air technology or the two and three wheels features creating great consistency, super accurate, and powerful volleyball.

Redefinition of the volleyball game

With increased volleyball game competitiveness, the jump and serve move became the standard move, and it increased the need to use sophisticated machines. For a high-performing device, it needed to have an adjusted releasing point. The adjustable release point had low releases for both high and low serves for perfect spiking.

 The volleyball serving machines need to be consistent when delivering balls at high velocity, controlled spins, and floaters for perfect practice. Durability, portability, and affordability were also aspects that needed to be considered. Different companies came into place to help develop machines with the required capability levels and pocket-friendly.

How the volleyball training machines work

The volleyball machines are installed with the new wheel design hence achieving the highest levels of power, accuracy, and the required precision. Since several wheels move the ball, changing the speeds to create a spin has become super easy.

The multiple pinning wheels in the volleyball machines launch the ball as set. Every wheel in the device has its independent motors, and the motors have their dial. When the wheels have an exact similar spinning speed and even serve is created. When the wheels have different spinning speeds, the precision and the serving arc are easily controlled. To create the desired serve, then change the actual speeds in every dial.

If the spinning wheels faster than the other spinning wheel, the ball is served at a top speed creating a super competitive and more realistic serve. The spin created on the volleyball training machines as the ball passes via the spinning machine wheels creates an arc that replicates closely real players’ serve. 

The arc put on the serve paired with the top spins usually creates an aggressive jump serve to move. It increases the players’ readiness to handle serves that come their way in an actual game.

The concept used in the volleyball pitching machines was adopted from the baseball pitching machines created by engineers who came up with ways of building the devices that can throw curveballs and pitches with spins. The technology used in the volleyball machines was adopted from years of compiled research and developments that ensure each team acquires the best and quality training machines from the various markets.

The best seller volleyball setting equipment

Players and coaches genuinely love them all over the world, and users have top-rated the machine, for example:

The skill attack volleyball serving machine

It is a favorite machine among the high school training coaches as it is versatile, portable, and is affordable. Playing teams easily purchase the machines as they offer a fantastic practice experience. They are available in various shopping and gaming stores on physical locations and online marketing platforms.

The skill attack features

  • It has a serving speed of up to 40MPH
  • Has a spiking ability from the same sides of the net
  • The 5’’ throwing wheel sizes creates a powerful serve delivery
  • The dimensions are 36’’ wide by 72’’ height by 40’’ depth

The total attack serving machine

On the other side of the spectrum about the machine’s price and capability, it is the absolute best machine, and it is designed for all players; high school players and pro players for both males and females.

The total attack features

  • The ball release range point is 6’3 to 9’6
  • The serving speed is over 90MPH
  • It spikes over the males and females net.
  • The throwing wheel size has a dimension of 10” diameter and 4”width.

In conclusion, the volleyball training machines have redefined the volleyball game as it has increased the players’ competitiveness. Professionalism has increased in controlling the spikes and serves from the playing teams. The machines are portable, durable, and affordable; hence teams and individuals quickly acquired the training machines. The devices are used in the outside and enclosed areas.


Edward Aubry