Helps Bettors Win NFL Games is great at beating the bookies on weekly NFL football games. Their algorithm can calculate the specific odds of a game with amazing accuracy. 

Having only been launched earlier this year by former Google employees Or Lifshitz and Rotem Haber, has a lot riding on this football season. 

Unlike old-time bettors who rely on their gut, uses data to help players win. They feed data from fans and other websites into their algorithms to calculate who will win.

Most sports can also be boiled down to numbers. Take football; touchdowns, field goals, yards gained or lost, the distance the ball is thrown, the number of injured players, a team’s overall record, etc. Some sports are more conducive than others to collecting all possible numbers involved in playing such as tennis.  

Betting is also a numbers game and computers are great at calculating numbers. A computer program can aggregate data gathered from a wide range of sources fed into it to correctly predict outcomes. Thus AI is now being applied to predict a variety of sports across the world. 

AI algorithms have been created are to predict the exact score of games which helps betters looking to score big. analyzes incoming data the way risk analysis does. Among the data fed into the machine is probability, competitive odds, and historic data.  Also unlike their competitors, is free to use. It fosters community by allowing players to share information and receive feedback about a specific game, much the way social media does.

The app gives its users a great deal of information to make informed decisions, including headline news which can be seen for every team in the league. It also provides the team’s recent history and stats which back up their betting recommendations.

When you log into the site and look for an upcoming game, it will tell you the spread, total, and money line, offered by different sites. displays information in its app and on its website aggregated from respected betting sources such as Ceasers, Fanduel, DraftKings, MGM, Resorts and others which helps players place effective bets. Sidelines has made deals with the companies which facilitate players utilizing their site to place informed bets. is especially useful for bettors because its app is connected to online betting platforms. Whether you’re planning on making a wager or simply want to experience the thrill of the game live, you can secure your Super Bowl 2024 tickets early. The more prominent among them such as DraftKings are thoroughly reviewed for their merits. Its current top three sports books include DraftKings as well as FanDuel, and William Hill. 

By using its great computing power,’s program is able to factor in issues an individual might overlook and which becomes crucial in the final minutes of the game. 

For those experienced in gambling and the world of sports, is a great tool to use. However, those who are unfamiliar with betting terminology and practices might be intimidated at first. In addition, information in games is only posted a few days in advance. While this likely helps with last developments, it can make planning more difficult. 

“The idea to launch a tool for sports bettors that combines big data and high-quality content was born when I worked at Google, back in 2016,” said Or Lifshitz, the co-founder of “As a data buff, I found sports betting relies on emotions, there is no other way around it, but when you back your decisions on data, that’s when it turns into more than just a ‘hobby’. It was about that time when I met Rotem Haber, a true sports fan, and together we’ve built a team that’s the perfect mix of data scientists, great product managers, and sports fanatics.”

Because the Supreme Court allowed legalized gambling laws to be passed last year, the industry has been exploding in the 13 states that have taken the initiative to legalize it on the state level.


Clare Louise