3 Tips for Becoming a Better Golfer

Golfing is one of the most popular hobbies around. Many business deals and friendships have been cemented on the links. If you enjoy playing but want to get better, try the following ways to up your game.

1. Arm Yourself with the Proper Tools

If you use a field hockey stick to shoot the ball, you are most likely not going to perform very well. Although this is an extreme example, it points out the fact that the clubs you use can make a big difference. Make sure they are customized for your height. Try different varieties such as graphite shaft clubs. If your hands tend to get blisters, invest in a pair of gloves. As far as shoes are concerned, try to find a pair that breathes easily so that moisture can be removed more readily.

2. Practice Proper Technique

When you are hitting the long shot, keep your head down until you make contact. When you are putting, you might try looking at the hole the entire time like Jordan Spieth does. Don’t forget about the stance because it is important to have a steady base. Shoulder width apart should do the trick for most swings, except for longer shots when you might need a wider foundation. To improve and strengthen your backswing, resist the urge to inch your hands toward your head.

3. Take Advice Without Getting Defensive

Many athletes get annoyed when people try to help them improve. However, this is a bad attitude to hold. You can get much better by listening to people critique your playing style. You can use your phone to record your swings so that you can analyze them later. Don’t hesitate to get lessons from a specialist. If you can’t afford classes, you can watch the professionals on television at the very least.

Time after time, folks leave the course frustrated despite loving this pastime. If you practice and stay disciplined, you can take your game to the next level.

Jose Moua