5 Great Fundraising Ideas for Your Growing Organization

Fundraising might provide the bulk of income for a nonprofit organization. And, while ongoing campaigns can provide reliable income over time, special events and one-time activities can help generate a large amount of revenue over a short period of time. If you have the staff and support to organize a fundraising event, you should know which ones will give you the boost you are looking for.

  1. Golf Tournament

Expect to attract a good number of golfers for an in-season tournament. Have players raise a minimum amount of pledges or pay the equivalent in a flat fee to enter. Even if you don’t know an iron from a putter, there are companies that specialize in how to organize a golf tournament that will work to make your event a success.

  1. Casino Night

For some indoor fun and excitement, consider hosting a casino night. If you have a venue already, this can be inexpensive to get set up. Most casino-themed fundraisers do not provide cash prizes, so be sure to share the specifics on flyers and advertisements.

  1. Silent Auction

Most often a part of a larger event, a silent auction can also be done as a stand-alone fundraiser. It allows people to look over items and then bid a maximum amount. Bidding usually takes place over a set period of time, such as the cocktail hour before a formal dinner.

  1. Dinner Party

A banquet dinner is a standard in the fundraising industry. It is a great way to add an annual event or to start or wrap up a larger campaign.

  1. Benefit Walk

Organizing a charity walk is a great way to get people moving and improve physical fitness while they support a good cause. You can do this as a one-time event, or by allowing people to track miles walked on their own over a week or month.

Fundraising can be fun and profitable if you look in the right places. Special events are an excellent way to supplement ongoing campaigns or draw attention to special initiatives.

Clare Louise