5 Reasons You Need to Use Helmet In Cricket

In sports like cricket, players need helmet to cover their head and face for safety purposes. So, cricketers must have to use the best cricket helmets 2019 to be safe while playing cricket.

To protect themselves from concussion, they wear helmet so that they can play the game with full attention and in this way they will focus more on, how to play and compete in the battle field of cricket. Hence, they will play freely without having any fear of being injured.

The ball that is used in cricket is so hard and the bowlers bowled that very fast so; batsman need safety while hitting that ball and to hit that ball up to the boundary for a six or four and to make a good score or total for their team, they need to play with full zeal, enthusiasm and focus. And they would be able to do so, if they play with a fearless mind and that is only possible when they are wearing the best cricket helmets.

 Further aspects of the use of best cricket helmets in cricket are described below:

  • Prevents Players From Concussion:

When the cricketers especially the batsmen are on crease to attack the ball coming towards them, then they must have to focus on that ball which has been thrown by the bowler. So, for this purpose they must have to wear the best cricket helmet.

This proves helpful in playing cricket fearfully and comfortably. Use of helmet comfy the play for batsmen. The use of helmet prevents the chance of injury for the players and this helps the players to play with having no fear to hit the ball.

  • Increases Focus Power Of Players:

When the players are playing cricket while having helmet on their head, then it prevents them from injury and reduces their mental pressure during the play. It helps to enhance their focus power and which is very important for a batsmen to score in big numbers.

The use of best cricket helmets in cricket is excellent for the players to hit the ball of speed 90miles/hour or above this like 145miles/hour with a lot of confidence and focus for a boundary.

  • Helmets, A Necessary Tool For Both The Keeper and The Fielders Near Pitch:

The helmets are intended to repel the ball when hits. Keeper also needs to cover his head and face by helmet for fielding aims.

To catch the ball hitted by the batsman, keeper has to be extra vigilant, active and focused on that ball. So, they have covered their face and head by the best cricket helmet to improve the fielding.

Fielders; surrounding the pitch area and behind the pitch, parallel to the keeper, needs to have a helmet necessarily. So, then they’ll be able to field well and to catch the ball.

In history, there are number of incidents that include severe injuries of players due to hitting hard ball. To get into a safe zone while facing a fast bowler, keeper and fielders use helmets.

  • Act As A Sunscreen:

Helmet just not only protect the players from injuries but it also act as a shield or screen for players from sunlight.  This is another good outcome of wearing best cricket helmets.

In this way, players are saved from sun burn which is caused by the intense sunlight and its harmful rays.

  • Modern Day Cricket Helmets:

Nowadays, ICC has instructed to make the helmets in conformity with the safety standards of modern age. Helmets are made by such type of material which impact strong repulsion to the ball, if hits. That material includes carbon fiber, ABS plastic, titanium, steel, fiberglass and high density foam. These materials have resistive properties that make the best cricket helmets. The main parts of cricket helmet include ring, chin strap, inner foam material, outer impact resistant and a shaded cap.

Sometimes, players are injured and killed also when they don’t wear helmets. Some victims also occurred that have helmet on their heads but due to bad quality material used in making of helmets, they got injured unfortunately.

Just helmet promotes the best cricket helmets for the cricket players which prevents injuries and causalities. The cricket players must have to use helmets provided by just helmet, which has an excellent production of best cricket helmets.





Paul Petersen