5 Reasons to love Live Football

Dull would he be of soul who could just pass by football. There are a few people who don’t love football. It’s the best source of entertainment, not only for a sportsperson but for the mass. 

Watching football on Television can be a good idea to pass leisure, but it can never be a substitute for watching a live match in the stadium. Besides the main game, there are other things that you can experience only in a stadium when a live match is going on. Keeping this fact in mind terrace culture is going on for many years. It covers the activities and actions of the football-loving fans in the arena.

Here are 5 reasons why we cough out our money in spite of the increasing rate of the stadium tickets:


  • We love the drama and the action that goes on simultaneously in the ground and out of the ground. We might have cardiac arrest because of the high intensity of the game but still, we love it and we want more.
  • The controversies that are created by the players, officials and even by the referees add extra spice to the fun. 
  • In the stadium, people support their team with other people. They may not know each other personally, but their target is one- to support their team to victory. It brings people together putting aside caste, religion or color of skin. Football is a team sport and it brings integrity in the audience also.
  • Today, football is famous because of its famous rivalries. We love it when our team beats the rival team but when the opposite thing happens we feel bad. It is the main thing that keeps the craze on. 
  • Football can be a medium of stress relief after a hectic weekend. It gives us a sense of spirit and motivation for the coming week. Having some great food and enjoy enjoying the stadium atmosphere is a good idea for the weekend.


There are many more reasons to love football. It’s a game that won’t let us get bored for a second. Crazy fans with terrible noise making things make it more fun. It is the people who make football great. 

It is a game that brings us close and teaches us about team spirit. There is much more to gain from football. Every emotion, anger, passion, happiness, joy, disappointment comes out in the game. It is a game where you have been true to yourself.

Paul Petersen