Conor Benn Sure of His Innocence Despite Multiple Failed Drug Tests

One of the worst things that can happen to any player in any sport is to make the headline in the sports news for failing a drug test. That’s what happened to Conor Benn before his match against Chris Eubank Jr.

Two tests have returned as positive but Conor believes they are not a result of him taking some form of performance enhancing drugs. He blames contamination for the failure of his drug tests. 

Presence of Women’s Fertility Drug 

It is important to mention here that the amount of the fertility drug was so small that it was referred to as “trace amounts”. The tests were conducted by VADA and their result caused the catchweight fight to come to an end before it even began. 

Clomifene was the drug that caused the failed test and Conor’s urine tested positive for miniscule amounts of this drug. Conor continue to believe that it was a result of some form of contamination. 

The failed drug tests have cast some shadows of doubt on the young player’s boxing career. The license for boxing has been taken away from him in the wake of the failed tests. 

There is no doubt about the fact that this incident has hurt Conor mentally and emotionally. It is evident from his response to the criticism that has come his way after confirmation of the failed tests. 

Conor Is Emotionally Hurt

Him taking the VADA test voluntarily is proof of his innocence according to Conor. He also cited all of the other negative UKAD tests and wondered why people were not talking about them. 

A logical response him has made fans think twice before accusing him of cheating. According to him, he volunteered for the VADA test at the start of the year and said it couldn’t have made sense for him to take up the test and then take any form of drugs. 

He requested his fans to consider his past career before calling him a liar. Conor thinks that this situation has hardened him and he has vowed to beat all odds and come into the boxing ring at any cost.