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Make sure backups are done (by running tests in a back-up center) and control the movements on the data. Ensure the recovery of data and the operational recovery of databases (disaster recovery) following a serious incident. For the 먹튀 this is one very important aspect now.

  • Technical support and assistance to IT professionals and users
  • Provide support to developers and operating technicians.
  • Assist the MOA on a technical level by developing their mastery of tools.
  • Provide Level 2 technical support to users and define response procedures to resolve potential issues.
  • Intervene immediately in the event of incidents limiting the performance of databases or access to information.

Technology watch and control of the database

  • Ensure a technological watch in order to maintain the adequacy of the performances and specificities of the databases to the needs of the company.
  • Monitor and control version changes of existing databases to evolve databases
  • Test and validate database management systems in the context of migration or technological change.
  • Define standards and standards for the use and operation of database management systems
  • Update base structure documentation, and operating and production procedures.
  • Present new products or new versions to your business.

Possible activities

Very early in a project, the database administrator can advise the IT department in the selection of a database management system (especially during major migrations or redesign projects). He can finally carry out himself activities more directly related to the contents of the database: duplication, extractions. In SMEs, the same person can perform network and data system administration. He can also be in charge of the management of releases and the implementation of back-up.

Variability of activities

The activity of the database administrator may vary according to the specialization :

Some administrators specialize on the database component in application development projects: database modeling and design before release. Others, on the contrary, intervene only on the administration and maintenance aspect of the bases. Some can intervene in both aspects of the profession, especially in medium-sized structures.

The database administrator who works on the production aspect (administration and maintenance of the database) sometimes has to work in 3×8 or be available at night and on weekends as part of a penalty in the event of a problem on the base.

The size of the teams and the complexity of the projects:

In very large structures, some DBAs can supervise a team of junior administrators, and focus only on database architecture.

The type of company:

The role of the database administrator may vary depending on whether it is on the company or service organization side:

As a user enterprise, it can record its action in the long term and devote itself to the design or administration of databases whose uses and impacts are known from the user side.

As a service company, he generally plays a role of technical expertise for the maintenance of databases, or a role of technical advice by proposing new solutions to his clients.

Clare Louise