Importance Of Sports: Nancy Quill

Nancy Quill, the popular model and social media influencer tweeted about the importance of sports in a brief message and we cannot help but nod along with her motion as all of us realize the importance of sports in daily life, especially in childhood. Sports, the biggest entertainment industry in the world that existed thousands of years before and is still running high! It might seem crazy to some people that how a few people can become so excited in playing a game made up by some rules that in no way directly affect the society. Well, if you have the same idea in your mind, you are both right and wrong! A sport does not affect the society in direct way yet it does.

If it sounds confusing to you, you might wanna read till the end of the article to clear your confusion. The history of the sports is as old as human evolution, although sports as a brand got established since the first Olympic used was to be held in ancient Athens or in the battlegrounds of the gladiators. Some of the means and destinies could only even end in death but the playfulness existed millions of years before that. You can see it in the way a tigress prepares her baby for the baby; you can see it in the kicks of a mother Giraffe when she kicks her baby right after its birth so it will learn what fear is and what survival means.

As the fleshes of Giraffes are really sweet other predators like cheetahs are always looking to hunt them down. Sports is similar in many aspects, it prepares us for life. Yes, it does not contribute the society in direct way like changing the balance of diversity or sorts like these but it helps the society in the biggest way possible. It builds the characters of the people in the society, the biggest gift that is possible. Now let’s take a look at some sports and how they help the society…

Team sports like, Cricket/ Football/ Basketball

Team games like cricket or football or basketball has certain beauty in it and a true admirer finds it in the cover drive of a batsman, in the dazzling meandering run of Messi or in a 20 yards dunk of Labron James. Sports is uniquely fascinating and team games make you humble, it makes you realize no matter how good a player you are individually, if the team loses, no one will remember his glory, no one will write his name in the column of legends.  This effects directly when you try to work in big projects along with a team.

It makes one realize that money is not the only important thing in life. This is reflected in the ongoing drama with Neymar and The French Club PSG. Although Neymar isn’t happy in the club, he simply cannot leave the club because of his contract and binding clauses. He is helpless in watching his prime years slipping away while he could spend it in his dream team Barcelona. We make similar mistakes in life and a scenario like this makes us humble, poised and indebted to sports.

Clare Louise