Physical Exercises To Improve Your Student’s Performance

 It is essential that, in addition to running, additional exercises are performed to strengthen muscles and joints throughout the body. This will improve the performance during the race, as the muscles will be more toned and more muscular. With the strengthening of the joints and ligaments, the individual will be preventing excessive joint wear and injuries. Activities such as functional training and weight training are highly recommended for running adepts.

How To Instruct Your Student About The Right Clothes For Running Training

The practice of running and any physical exercise requires light, comfortable clothing that allows the student to be mobile. Several brands specialize in exercise clothing. Advise your student always to wear the clothes he feels comfortable with, allowing him degrees of mobility.

Special Care For Your Student During Running Training

Everyone wants to excel in some aspect. Physical exercise is no different, especially when the student is no longer a beginner. As much as he didn’t sleep well, eat poorly, or isn’t so up for the day when it comes time to train, he’ll want to do his best to complete the session.

On the one hand, this attitude is good for showing the student’s commitment to their goals. But on the other hand, the professional who accompanies him must be very attentive to the student’s signs of fatigue, as we must never exceed our limits.

These problems can be avoided with a conversation before the session. This way, you will already know the student’s conditions as soon as he arrives at the academy. During the session, sometimes (especially when the session is intense), try to establish a dialogue with your student to find out if that intensity is not above what he can handle (clear signs to detect are: excessive euphoria, not being able to speak correctly). In cases of training on the treadmill, always check the safety of the device.

If your student has any pathology such as diabetes or hypertension, you must check if he can perform the training, no matter how trained he may be. Always check your blood glucose and blood pressure levels before and after your session. Remember: always err on the side of security and never on the lack of it!

Paul Petersen