Smart And Essential Spinning Workouts with Steamed Videos

Have you thought about trying indoor cycling? Contrary to what many might imagine, the class is very dynamic and not at all boring. Get ready to sweat a lot, burn a lot of fat, pump your blood hard, and feel that “I want more” taste at the end of each workout. In case of the spinning workouts at home this happens to be the best options now for you.

Indoor Cycling Is A High Intensity Activity

Indoor cycling is a high intensity activity that helps our body burn fat quickly, improves heart health and increases muscle endurance. It is a very strong exercise for the legs. At the end of each workout, endorphin production is high and a sense of well-being is inevitable.

However, as this training can be quite heavy, it is essential that it be accompanied by a specialist; either at the gym or accompanied by a personal coach.

There are also very interesting variations that combine indoor cycling with heavy arm exercises, or work the mind for more intense loads of physical activity. Doing a search on Google, you will find very interesting variations, but it is the tip to always look for good references before trying something new.

Experts recommend three to five workouts a week

For good results, experts recommend performing three to five workouts a week. Or add 1-2 lessons per week to your exercise routine. These trainings usually last about 45 to 60 minutes.

An instructor will perform the training by simulating different types of cycling, such as steeper climbs, speed shots and short recovery periods, with light pedaling, standing pedaling, and other forms of pedaling.

If you enjoy exercising with others in a well-structured environment, indoor cycling is a great option. Usually people go to gym classes, which in fact offer a host of amenities, such as skilled accompaniment, a friendly environment and, of course, bikes, which are usually aligned and paired toward the instructor or a mirror.

However, it is perfectly possible to do an indoor cycling workout in the comfort of your own home by simply having access to a trusted trainer and of course a good exercise bike or training roller (and then you can use your bike yourself).

Music And Indoor Cycling

People do indoor cycling listening to music

Music is a powerful ally of indoor cycling. The songs are very important in this type of training and even help to stimulate and dictate the pedal rhythm. The coach chooses the ideal song to accompany each phase of the class. You can play a livelier song for five minutes while you pedal as fast as you can, to help slow down a slower song as you slow down. This type of combination, when properly employed, greatly helps to keep the focus on the exercise. Some instructors also use images as another incentive tool. In an instant you are cycling fast through a desert and then climbing a green mountain on some paradise island of the Caribbean.

Paul Petersen