Steps And Knowledge Of How To Build A Pickleball Court

If you are one of those who likes playing Pickleball a lot and wants to build a Pickleball court, then you are in the right place. Most often people have a misconception that the tennis and pickleball court is the same. But they are very distinct. The size of a tennis court is bigger than the Pickleball court. To build a perfect Pickleball court, there are few things that you need to keep in mind like the dimensions, materials, and type of equipment. We are going to discuss them one by one so that you can easily understand the procedure and know how to build a pickleball court.

  1. Dimensions of the Court: The dimensions are very important if we want to build a perfect Pickleball court. The length of a Pickleball court is 44 feet and the width is 20 feet. When you are making the markings, be sure that you measure them carefully to avoid any difficulties later. As mentioned earlier, don’t get confused between the size of a Pickleball court and a tennis court. The size of the Pickleball court is relatively smaller than the size of a Tennis court.
  2. Divide into 5 parts: The whole court is divided into four parts, two on each side of the Pickleball court. The length of these parts is 15 feet and the width of these parts is 10 feet. The middle part of the court is 14 feet and it is not bisected by the centre line which divides the two parts on each side. These 5 parts play an important role in the gameplay. The size of the court is designed in such a way that it provides enough room for the players to run around.
  3. Equipment that is required: Dividing the court into a defined size was the first step towards making a good Pickleball court. But there are other things which when included will increase the fun of the game. They are:
    1. Net: is used to divide the space into two equal parts. It also plays an important role in the gameplay. The ball must go above the net otherwise it will be stuck there. If you are going to play the game without the net, then believe me you are going to miss all the fun.
    2. Fence: Fence is very useful to stop the ball from going too far if the shot is missed by the player. Unlike international sports events, you might not get an extra to pick up balls every time it goes away. The fence will do the job of the third person and the ball will not go away to disturb the gameplay pace. Using a fence will enhance your game.
    3. Surface Material: plays a very important role in this game. Players will be running around all the surface and the ball will also be thumping on the ground. So, to make it perfect and last long, the surface material needs to be chosen carefully. The cemented surface is one of the best surface available as it is cheap and lasts long.

These are the main components that you are going to require to make a good Pickleball court. You can also add stands and chairs depending upon the size and your requirements. Otherwise, these components are going to help you make your Pickleball court easily without any problems.

Jose Moua