Four reasons why cricket is an endearment in India

Cricket in India is a symbol of enthusiasm and patriotic love. Best believe it asking for a live cricket score is the ice-breaker any Indian cherishes. Here in India, tapping on cricket updates ranges from a bunch of scenarios. There can be a monk on pilgrimage holding a radio for cricket scores and at the same time, there can be cricket fanatics scanning through an online cricket forum. Cricket is one of the ways that connects Indians from any corner of the country. Let’s understand why cricket is loved so much by Indians!

  1. Cricket as an escape: Cricket is meant to be played for entertainment but in India cricket is what keeps the minds fresh and inspirational. The world cup tour was heard by the truck driver while delivering the goods and supplies across the nation. Taking a big picture of this, we realize cricket is heard by numerous travelers that run through the road veins and city hearts of the country. It’s inspirational how Monday went phenomenal for an employee as there was a cricket match lined up post the day’s work.

  1. The drama and thrill: Where there is drama, there is attention. Indians love drama! Especially a thrilling one. Cricket qualifies to be a thrilling drama for many Indians. Last-minute catches or the winning six kept eyes glued to the match. The kid who didn’t know what his father was cheering so loud for, got excited too when the team won the match. Hence the drama passed on! Cricket is embedded in our souls!

  1. The hours-long sensation: Remember the time you saw a whole complete match? Probably you enjoyed it or probably you were bored because it was too long. However, the case was, there was the thrill at the beginning and by the end of the match. Well, the gist is every one of us remembers how the day went by. The cricket excitement, junk, coke, and the very comfy day are very vivid in the mind. The live match in the stadium is unforgettable and is the most memorable experience.

  1. Cricket as passion: Cricket has an emotional connection with so many fans. India serves as the country with a few of the top players. Cricket veterans become a source of inspiration and mentorship for cricket aspirants today! Not only for young learners, but the older generation who has seen cricket evolved with technology, cricket has served as their constant passion throughout the years.

There are no bounds for cricket love and passion in India. Cricket runs in the hearts of Indians. There are tons of other reasons why Indians love cricket. Though brought light to few in this article because love and passion are the major factors to look into. Cricket has taught Indians patriotism and respect for other nations. So next time when you turn on sports live tv, remember there is no measure in the rise of your dopamine!

Edward Aubry