The Ironman Watch and Its Features

The Ironman watch is a Timex heart rate monitor that I use to track my races and it is one of the best inventions that has ever hit the sport of triathlon. It can be found in almost every triathlon store and it will last you forever, if you choose a good one.

Personal triathlon monitors work on the same principle as the ordinary watch that you wear everywhere. That is to track your performance and improve it. For years, professional athletes had to spend hours training just to get enough speed to do a good finish.

After much study, some say that the way Boston and Kona bikes were set up had a direct effect on their results. There was a whole new frontier opened up, and that is when fitness trainers started to create some of the finest watches on the market today.

Tracking Progress with TIMEX Heart Rate Monitors

The Ironman triathlon is just one of those races. It is a very well-known triathlon, but still every runner gets confused when starting a race and want to know how much energy he or she has, if there is a pulse, heart rate, etc.

A person is easily confused when there is no indication that he is having a problem like low heart rate, reduced oxygen flow, etc. A lot of people end up walking out of a race because they are not really sure what they are doing and therefore cannot reach the finish line.

When I tell you that there is such a thing as a triathlon watch, I am referring to the Ironman Watch. This timepiece will monitor your race so you can find out if you need to practice in a warm up area, and that way you will be ready for the start. It will also give you a good guide on how to pace yourself and run, walk, or pedal your way to the finish line.

A lot of new Ironman triathletes start out with a chest strap and then decide that they want to replace it. They find that the chest strap is very uncomfortable, even if it is the same type of material as the rest of the watch.

M593 is the perfect alternative that you will need if you want to save money on the price tag of a chest strap. M593 is a very comfortable chest strap that will work out all of the muscle knots and keep you looking cool in the hottest of conditions.

How to Setup the CSX C536X Heart Rate Monitor

If you are concerned about running into too many other competitors while wearing M593, I suggest that you buy the chest strap from them. That way you will be able to use the same watch you used to get great results when you raced in the open water.

In order to use the chest strap, simply attach it to your body. No special straps needed, just the ones included with the Ironman watch.

The chest strap is compatible with Ironman speed, distance, and even heart rate monitors, but does not work with the Ironman heart rate monitor. It is important to be sure that you get the right type of strap and see that it works well for you before buying.

With all of the various features available on the Ironman watch, you can be sure that your days of using the other ones are over. Try the Ironman Watch and see how it can improve your overall running performance.

Clare Louise