The Ultimate Steps for the Perfect Sports Betting

Sports betting is very popular now, especially after they were allowed to be officially accepted in the network by bookmakers who have fulfilled the conditions for legalizing their activities. However, betting turns into stable earnings for units. Most are in the red in the long run. Therefore, it is important to understand why 안전 놀이터 bookmakers are always in the black, whether there is at least a chance to rectify the situation.

Unequal odds

Calculating the odds, the bookmaker puts a margin in it, guaranteed to remain in the black. For example, let’s take a tennis match in which the opponents have an equal chance of success. In such a situation, the coefficient for the victory of each athlete should be 2. However, bookmakers, in order to definitely stay in the black, set lower quotes, at least 1.95. In this example, the bookmaker makes a profit of 2.5%, no matter how the match ends.

The final earnings of the 메이저 사이트 bookmaker depend on the margin and the amount of money that customers bet. The more players deposit money for a certain outcome, the lower the coefficient becomes. Due to this, the bookmaker maintains a balance between the products of quotes by the bet amounts. The software systems successfully cope with this task, with any changes the correcting coefficients.


Another stable source of income is attracting customers to promotions, accruing bonuses to them. These special offers only at first glance seem to be beneficial for the player, in reality, the office remains the winner.

Most often, betters are attracted by welcome bonuses, when an amount similar to the first deposit is credited to the player’s account. To use it, you need to fulfill a number of conditions: bet on a certain number of events, moreover, with fairly high odds. As a result, the vast majority of customers are deprived of both the welcome bonus and the first deposit.


Many players fall prey to express bets, seduced by the profitable odds that are promised to them in case of success. Bookmakers fuel this interest by offering higher odds.

In practice, the more matches there are in the accumulator, the less likely it will play. Even if there are minimal odds for all events.

Can you beat the bookmaker?

It is possible to make a stable profit only if you carefully analyze each match on which a bet is placed. Be guided not by the proposed coefficients, but by independent analytical reports of experts and your own conclusions. In this case, the chances of earning are quite real.

Forks and bonuses

Bookmakers monitor violations of the contract, however, they often provoke customers to illegal actions in order to complicate the withdrawal or completely take over the deposit. Offices allow fans forks several times to win and get the money, followed by charges of fraud and lock the account. Bonuses are also a convenient tool for representatives of the gambling business. A beginner who, in his opinion, has taken advantage of an advantageous offer, most likely, if all the conditions are met, there will be nothing to withdraw.

Clare Louise