With the Use for the Best Supplements

The most effective way to increase your muscle creatine stores is to consume 5 g of creatine monohydrate (or about 0.3 g / kg body weight) four times a day for 5-7 days, and then 3-5 g daily to maintain muscle concentration. Some studies indicate that “larger” athletes may need as much as 5-10 g per day to maintain creatine stores. An alternative supplementation protocol is to consume 3g daily for 28 days, which allows you to get the concentration as in the example above. Here you can make the full use of the 10% promo code for iHerb New Zealand.

The Results now

Due to the noticeable benefit of taking creatine with sugars or proteins and sugars, we suggest taking it after training because it can better supplement glycogen and easily apply it with carbo or carbohydrate-protein supplement. There is no additional benefit to taking creatine before training.

Why supplements and not “normal” food?

The smallest working dose of creatine is 3g per day, while 1kg of beef contains 5g of creatine, and 1kg of chicken contains 3g of creatine. I don’t know a person who could eat so much meat and fit into his calculated macro. That is why it is worth buying creatine which prices are quite low compared to the benefits. Creatine supplementation is especially recommended for vegetarian athletes because meat is the largest source of creatine. Below is a table showing the concentration of creatine in vegetarians, people on a normal diet, people undergoing creatine supplementation and people taking creatine with carbons or with carbons and protein.

What creatine to buy?

Most research can be found regarding creatine monohydrate, this is the most studied fraction. There are many types of creatine on the market such as malates, citrates and those using chelates. There is no evidence that they work better than the cheaper monohydrate. However, we recommend creatine monohydrate, and for people who are convinced of malate, we pay attention to the dose. It’s about the content of creatine monohydrate. So if we are calculating the portion, we should pay attention to the first value. For the 10% code for iHerb Australia store this is one essential matter.

Holidays are coming, time for presents. Many people plan to buy a set of supplements necessary for their passion to train their other half or friends, and some simply want to take care of their loved ones by choosing health function supplements. However, what to choose to make the gift really useful, and the supplements we offer have scientifically proven action?

Creatine is a great choice for any person training with strength or speed. It is a compound naturally occurring in muscle cells that is involved in providing energy for dynamic and short contractions. Adequate creatine muscle saturation means that it is possible to generate greater strength in the initial phase of exercise, thanks to which we achieve better performance in training and build muscle faster. For creatine to bring measurable benefits, it is necessary to use it chronically or take it in cycles. The disadvantage of creatine is its binding of certain amounts of water, which for people whose priority is low body weight or increased water accumulation in the body may prove to be a problem.

Protein supplements are the canon of sports supplementation

Their role is to enrich the protein diet of people who find it difficult to provide it from other sources (along with a traditional diet) in appropriate quantities. Protein, as a basic component of muscles, is used for their regeneration and building, especially for demanding strength training. It is impossible to achieve a satisfactory increase in muscle mass without increased protein intake, and protein supplements greatly facilitate a balanced diet.

Paul Petersen