Warnings Issued By beIN Media Group CEO about Football Rights

It was there for a while and now everyone can see what the reality is. The big boom that was created because of the football ownership is on the sinking ship now, or that is what the experts think regarding the rapid growth of the football.

When the CEO of the beIN media Group, Yousef Al-Obaidly spoke in London at the Leaders Conference, then this gloomy fact was shared on October 2019. It was the part of the keynote speech offered by him. This was actually the reality that was conveyed and it was baserd on the recent situation. Following the deals made by the top rightowners, he had made these statements. He has mentioned about this situation only.

How the Right Owners Reacted

However, it was like a bomb for those TV right owners seated there as they had this opinion that this policy of issuing the warnings will be quite problematic for their process. They literally thought that these warnings will be harmful for their business. Once the business gets down, it will be quite problematic to come back to the original situation.

  • Mr. Al-Obaidly very clearly said that he was there to mention that it was the time for the sports right to lose the charm. The kind of economic model that the industry had needs to be restructured in order to gather profit out of it. It was to come at the end at sometime soon. These were the views of the CEO.
  • Her also pointed at the steps taken against the piracy issues and mentioned that the industry had not learnt still now from the results of their mistakes which eventually ended in this kind of a complication.
  • The kind of hopes that the industries are keeping over the OTT services is also quite useless as they do not address the main issues, according to Mr. Al-Obaidly. Clearly he was telling about addressing the core issues of the whole process.

The dubiousness of the source of the money used for the football rights ownership was also addressed in his talk. He clearly mentioned that the basic two factors that is needed in the market regarding buying the ownership in a healthy pattern are not present. The kind of investment that was being made eventually, according to him, was leading the market to collapse. This is the sign of the downfall of the market. He also made it clear that while the problem of piracy was in the market for quite sometime, but there was hardly anyone who actually tried to do something about it. You can visit http://www.insideworldfootball.com/2019/10/08/worst-nightmare-beins-al-obaidly-tells-sleep-walking-rights-owners-tv-bubble-burst/ to know more about it.

The Solution

As a solution he made it clear that the house needs to be properly arranged again if they seriously think about addressing the issue and bring a good result. Otherwise, he warned, that the sports rights market will be in the path of disintegration very soon.


Paul Petersen