Ways by which you would be able to improve your Short Game in Golf 

Stop Freezing Your Swing During Pitch Shots: 

Even though you are trying to hit the ball a lesser distance on pitch shots, it does not mean that you would leave behind the mechanic of how you swing. All of it starts with a good setup and with that you should always take a close stance. 

To make sure that the handles stay close to you make sure that your right wrist hinges a little on the backswing. Make sure that you are moving your body, and when you are on the down string, turn towards the target; it would help you a great lot and your hips should be leveled at the finish.

Utilizing the Bounce on the Pitch: 

When you are trying to get as close to the hole as possible, you should always take advantage of the bounce that comes with it. This would help you a great deal when you are trying to hit it and when you are sliding the club through the grass and make sure that you hit it soft. 

If you press your hands forward somehow, the same you would be doing with a chip-shot, you would be de-lofting the club, and there is a risk that it would get stuck to the grass and would not be able to reach the hole. 

With golf accessories, you would be getting the right grip. And therefore, while you are buying accessories, make sure that you research thoroughly and understand in which company you could rely on.   

Keep your Hands Always Softened on the Chip: 

With tridentalign.com club soft hands are a necessity when you are trying to chip to the best of one’s ability. Light grip pressure is very much important so that there is no tension in your arms, and there is softness in your hands. 

And then, you would be able to use the fundamental chipping procedure. And this would promote ball-first contact with keeping your chin high and your back straight as well.  

Thus, these are some of the pro tips which would help you when you are trying to master the technique of short game in golf.

Improving Your Putting Is Another Way Of Reducing Your Score

Driving is for show but putting is for dough! We use our putters during a round of golf more than any other club in the bag so if you are looking to improve your short game and ultimately reduce the amount of shots it takes you to get round the golf course then improving your putting accuracy is probably one of the most effective ways of achieving this. When it comes to improving your putting there are a number of drills that you can try both on the course or at home. In fact there are some great putting drills here 

If you just don’t have the time right now to invest in running repeated putting drills at home, in the office or just about anywhere you can place a mug on the ground, there are a bunch of putting gadgets that you can buy instead that are definitely going to have some effect on improving your putting. 

Our absolute favourite golf gadget this month is the Trident Align Ball Marker System. We only managed to get our hands on one of these the other day but from the second we took it out of the packaging we knew that we had something a bit more special here. The adjustable top plate makes aligning your putts so simple, and then box marking system gives you the confidence that your line isn’t tilted or rotated at all. It’s on of those products that you just wonder why it hasn’t already been existed. If you haven’t seen them before you can check them out here 

Jose Moua