What You Need To Enter an Action Pistol Competition, Sport

If you are interested in competition handguns, you have probably heard of action events. To get started with these fast-paced and challenging events, you need to ensure you have the right equipment.


Obviously, you are going to see some over-the-top expensive custom guns in this field. However, the majority of people will be using standard semi-autos and revolvers. As long as your weapon of choice is on the approved firearms list, it will be able to enter and compete against similar pistols.


You are going to burn up a lot of ammo hawaii in these events. Most matches will require at least 100 or 150 rounds for the entire tournament. That is a minimum of 25 rounds during each stage of the event. While your event flyer will list the minimum rounds required, it is always a good idea to bring extra as a cushion.

Carry Gear

Competitors will need to have holsters for their weapons and a way to carry their extra 9mm ammo nc to reload. While many types of guns are allowed, action events tend to have restrictions for their carry gear that you need to be aware of before entering.

Eye Protection

You only have two eyes, and these are not replaceable. Therefore, eye protection is mandatory for any event.

Hearing Protection

Depending on what event you participate in, hearing protection could be optional. However, it is still smart to wear it. Whether you go with foam plugs or electronic, custom-fit muffs, you should have something to help protect your hearing.

Range Bag

You could end up walking several hundred yards between shooting bays during a single match. Therefore, you are going to need a convenient way to carry your ammo and other gear. While a fancy option is a carrying cart, most people will have a backpack or range bag.

It doesn’t take a lot of gear to get involved with action pistol tournaments. However, you want to make sure you have everything you need for optimal success and safety. These are the basic things you will need to get started.

Ryan Petit