Best Choices for the Smart Football Relay Options

A Central midfielder (CPU) collects all the qualities characteristic of this role. This is endurance, strength, high speed characteristics, the ability to read the game, good skills of intercepting, leading and transmitting. His main task is to intercept the ball, and from the first movement to start the attack. Due to the breadth of capabilities of this type of midfielder in football, the following types are distinguished:

Defensive midfielder (DSC)

He’s a breakwater, shuttlecock, steering or castle. Its specificity is defense, namely, blocking and pressing the attacking players until they meet with the defenders. They can also intercept the ball and organize a counterattack. All this requires the player incredible endurance, physical development and technical knowledge. The best defensive midfielders are Dunga, Gilberto Silva, Claude Makelele. You can use the MLB중계 relay now also.

Attacking midfielder (DAC)

He creates game moments to ensure a goal, and can strike himself. In certain tactical schemes, the role of the attacking midfielder is combined with the drawn forward, which led to the appearance of the term “dispatcher” and “tenth number”. Since the position on the site of this player is disposed to independent actions and extensive opportunities for making transfers. The best midfielders in this position are Kaka, Zico, Pele, Michel Platini. There is also the concept of a false dozen. This DAC deliberately goes to the flank in the attack, moving there the enemy defense players.

Drawn playmaker

The soccer playmaker is the creator of the game. His task on the field is to establish the attacks of his team, while playing at the position of the opornik, but without interceptions of the ball. Soccer midfielders who play this role are Xabi Alonso, Andrea Pirlo, Josep Guardiola.

The midfielder

Allocate the right and left midfielder in football (PP and LP) . These are players who conduct their activities near the sideline. This role is the most universal on the field. Since in some constellations, the midfielder is integrated with an extreme striker. Such players are called wingers . And above, we already talked about combining with a flank defender (wingbacks). 

All this testifies to the multitasking athlete on the side, and the need to be able to play well, both in defense and in attack. “Sevens” have a comprehensive development also in physical characteristics (strength, endurance, speed) and technical (dribbling, passing, transmission). The best in this role are David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Pires.

Assault Players (Forwards)

 Forwards in football are attackers in close proximity to the penalty area. The goal of each football striker or striker is to hit the ball into the opponent’s goal. In standard arrangements, two attackers are put on the field. One pulls the defense and gives the pass, and the second directly scores a goal. The most productive strikers are called football scorers. Due to the performance of such a function, it is they who become the stars and faces of sports. The top scorers of football are Cristiano Ronaldo, Jimmy Greaves, Lionel Messi, Delio Onnis. Just like in other roles, football strikers have a division depending on the goals and location on the court.

Edward Aubry