Top Football Clubs in the World you should know about

One of the biggest sports in terms of fans following and money involved, football is considered to be a religion. The game is followed by close to 3.5 billion people on a global scale and the craze only seems to be rising with time. Football is generally played between clubs and on international formats where two teams with 11 players each come together to create magic on the pitch. 

However, most of football worldwide is played at club level where professional footballers of different nationalities come together to play as a unit. Europe is known for sheltering some of the biggest leagues all around the world and also holds larger than life clubs with top-notch players. 

Let us now have a look at some of the biggest football clubs that are currently dominating the sport.

  • Barcelona

The Spanish giant Barcelona is considered to be the biggest and the most reputed club in all of football. The club has close to close to 200 million followers combined on various social media platforms. The number is only a glimpse of the total fans the club occupies. Lionel Messi, the best player in the world is the leader and club captain of Barcelona. The club has won numerous trophies and can host 99,000 fans in its home stadium of Camp Nou. 

  • Real Madrid

The 13 time UEFA Champions League winners are famous for their royal white jersey and are considered to be immediate rivals of Barcelona. Real Madrid was knighted by the queen of Spain and is said to be the most famous club in the history of football. Real Madrid is known for its fast pace and counter-attacking gameplay. The present generation was popularized by the global football sensation Christiano Ronaldo. The star player of the club is currently the Welsh superstar Gareth Bale and the Belgian winger Eden Hazard. 

  • Manchester United

The most popular club in all of English football, Manchester United are the 20 times champions of the English premiership. The club has the most number of fans worldwide and calls the hallowed theatre of dreams, Old Trafford it is home ground. 

With the ever-increasing popularity of football, there are many individuals such as Mike Garlick who are making an investment into these clubs as it attracts the attention of billions. SO if you are new to the game of football, be on the lookout for these clubs.

Clare Louise