How Being a Sports Fan is Good for Your Health


Did you know that being a sports fan is good for you?  Being a sports fan makes you happier, and therefore healthier!  The time spent cheering on your sports team in person, on television, online or even when you are betting on them through an online casino really can better your body and mind.

Sports Keep Depression at Bay

When life is hard, sports give you something to look forward to.  When you watch your favorite team play you get to think outside of your life for a couple of hours and that’s a great thing if you are prone to depression.

You feel excitement, happiness and you can connect with the world outside of yourself for a little while.  Sports really can help avoid depression or help pull you out of depression by giving you something to connect to even when you’re going through a difficult time.

Sports Can Help Strengthen Relationships

Relationships with friends and family wax and wane naturally. We go through times where we don’t feel as close to people as our lives change.  Sports are a great way to strengthen relationships! Even if you don’t have much else in common or things have been tense between you and a family member, when you watch your favorite team play together, there is an instant connection.

Science has proven that couples who watch sports together tend to be more satisfied in their relationships than those who don’t.  When you always have a shared interest and something you look forward to doing, it can’t help but strengthen your bond.

Sports can Help Create New Friendships

Friendships are an important part of life.  It’s long been understood that those who have a social circle live longer.  This is because those who feel like they have support tend to engage more and reach out when they need help.

Sports allow for new friendships to be created easily.  For instance, you could be at a local restaurant watching a game and while cheering end up talking to the person sitting next to you.  You realize, during talking, that you have a lot in common and you exchange numbers and begin a friendship. Before you know it, the person is a part of your inner circle that keeps you happy, healthy and connected to the world.

Sports Keep Your Mind Active

Puzzles and games are a great way to keep your mind active to help prevent or delay the onset of diseases such as dementia.  Sports are a great way to do this as well. If you are a sports fan that enjoys analyzing the game, the players and the league then you are exercising your brain in the best way! 

That’s right!  Sports can help you keep your brain in top shape! This will improve communication skills and could even help you live longer!  

Feeling of Belonging

We all need to be needed and wanted. This is a basic human need, even if we aren’t the most socially outgoing. When you are a sports fan you instantly belong to a group.  You can go anywhere and see another fan and make eye contact and share a smile or a “go team!” and that fosters a great feeling of belonging. 

A feeling of belonging helps with self-confidence and an overall feeling of well-being.  Even if you don’t necessarily become friends with other fans, you know you belong to something bigger than yourself and that feels good.

Being a Sports Fan Could Foster Better Physical Health

Many fans report feeling inspired by the athleticism of their favorite sports teams or athletes and strive to eat better and work out.  There are even workout groups and camps that have been created to inspire fellow fans to improve their health. Fans who are a part of these groups have been reported to lose more weight than those who are not a part of such groups.

Embracing Sports for a Better Life

Sports really are a great way to add some joy, fun, and inspiration into your life.  You are never too old to fall in love with sports and begin to experience the fun that comes from cheering for your favorite teams or individual athletes. 


Paul Petersen