Why Tennis Is The Best Exercise

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Most of us have plenty of options to keep us fit. Some people prefer individual workout while others may choose to play with a buddy.  Some people prefer sports where they can combine fitness with some social interaction.

Have you considered tennis as a way of staying healthy? In most parts of the world, tennis can be played throughout the year.  The cost is minimal – you need a racquet, and a couple of balls. 

If you enjoy the game, you can always take a few classes to improve your form and technique. Make sure you pick up a good beginner’s racquet if you are starting out.  The racquet makes a big difference in how much you enjoy the game, and in reducing injuries. If you are prone to elbow injuries, pick up an elbow friendly tennis racquet

Excellent Cardio Workout

Tennis is an excellent cardio workout that burns between 400 to 1,000 calories per hour. Playing tennis increases your heart rate as you move around the court. Over the long run, it also reduces blood pressure and resting heart rate.

Burns Body Fat

Tennis involves mini sprints which produces effects like high interval training (HIIT), which has been shown to be effective in burring fat and losing weight. HIIT refers to intense cardio where you push yourself for 20-90 seconds.  Research has shown that high interval training also boosts endurance and regulates insulin levels.

Improves coordination, balance and flexibility

Tennis requires coordinating muscles precisely to produce your shots.  Tennis allows you build coordination, flexibility and balance. It allows you produce a range of motions that are not possible in any other sport.

Building Friendships

Tennis needs at least one other player if you are playing singles, or three other players if you are playing doubles.  This allows you build friendships as you get your workout. In addition to physical workout, tennis allows you to get social interactions, which are key to emotional wellbeing.

Bottom Line

Tennis offers many health benefits that most activities don’t offer. Go ahead and hit the courts.  Warm up, take precautions to avoid injury, and develop proper form. Plan to play at least an hour every day with friends.  You will get a full body work-out every time you play. 


Jose Moua