How to Choose an Outdoor Playset?

Playsets are considered to be very big investments. With a large variety of them available in the market, it becomes extremely important to choose the right ones. The decision can be tricky, but with our guide here, it will get easier. You will get a wide range of options to choose from; simple ones to freestanding playsets and a few options in custom multi-tower playsets for commercial spaces as well. However, you need to check the ones that suit your spaces the best.

Determine the size, location, and space

The right size of the playset will double up the fun and won’t even take up your whole yard. You need to begin by checking the minimum size guidelines that are provided in the playset. You also need to allow a lot more space for the kids to grow and run or play sports. You must also check the location where you are installing it. Also, you need to consider having it in the clear sight and supervision of the parents. Further, place them in shades to prevent sunburns.

Choose the construction type and color

Safety of the children while playing on the playsets must be your ultimate concern. Hence, you must pick the items that are of great quality. You can take wooden ones as they are aesthetic and durable. The pressure-treated lumber will also prevent rots or pests. The metal ones are very resilient and strong. They have a powder coating that prevents rust. But they can get extremely heated up during the summer. Above all, all the sets are vinyl-clad ones; they last long and are the sturdiest. Also, the maintenance required is minimal. You can pick the color of the playset complementing the landscape around it. There are a variety of colors that you can choose from.

Consider the age range

When you pick the playsets or the added accessories, always think about the children who will be using them. Go for the items that can cater to a wide age range. Check the heights of the towers if they are accessible by a certain age range. Weight restrictions on the playsets are also something that needs your attention. Make sure everything is in place and is safe with respect to the little users. 

Inspire Play outdoor playsets have been designed as per the set standards and ensure complete safety and overall development of the users.

Paul Petersen