Why Is Skateboarding So Addictive?


Skateboarding is a great pleasure, and time passes for people of every age. It is a way of exercise that keeps a person physically fit. Skateboarding is not only for the professionals, and you will see an adult, a kid, or an old guy doing it. It sounds like an addiction. Addiction does not always mean the drug, and it can be some positive factor. So now you are curious to know why skateboarding is addictive. There can be many reasons that can make you addicted to skating, and then you cannot wait to go skating. This article will let you know about it. So let’s get started without further ado.

Why Is Skateboarding So Addictive? 

Addiction always comes from a passion for doing something. You might start when you start skating, but it becomes a part of your daily routine when you gradually absorb the culture. You start talking with your friends and have a competition with them, it increases the interest and people, and your social circle starts identifying you with skating. However, many other factors can make you addicted to skateboarding. They might vary in every person.
There are skateboards available for everyone, like kids, adults, beginners and even best skateboards for girls. And you might know the secret the makes you addicted to skateboarding.

  1. Endorphins

These are the hormones that change a person’s mood. When you are skateboarding, you might fall and get injuries. If you don’t feel any pain at that time and keep trying, it is a sort of addiction. As I told you before, it is a kind of exercise, the people feel relief in pain of injuries while skating, and it is because they are passionate about it. When someone has a bad mood, they start skating, which releases stress from their body, and the mood gets good. You can see a skater; they fall but quickly get up to try again because their endorphins do not allow sitting quietly. They do it again and again.

  • Determination

One of the best reasons that make skateboarding an addiction is determination. It takes you back up when you fall while skating. It makes one able to do the same thing again and again to get success. It all comes in a person due to addictive behavior. When you make a mind to achieve a goal, then you make your mind, think about it every time that will urge you to make a solid plan to achieve that goal. It is the thing that skateboarding teaches a skateboarder. When you achieve it once, you cannot stop; you keep doing it with some other method or at some other place to prove that you can do it in any circumstances. It is a clear picture of determination that leads to addiction.

  • Culture

Culture is another reason that can make a person addicted to something. The nations that promote skateboarding have more professionals than those who watch the play. It makes the culture itself and can take your level up. You meet the other skater, learn different tricks, talk, hang out, or compete. It arises the sense of enthusiasm in you that makes you addicted to skateboarding. You start watching the professional skateboarders and attempt their lifestyle and tricks. It is a sign of addiction. You do not stop on existing stunts and tricks; you keep learning and scaling your career up.


Now you can say skateboarding is an addiction. The feelings are indescribable and are fantastic that make you fall in love with them. You will talk about skating in your social gatherings organized by different brands like santa cruz skateboards. and attend a dinner or trip where your other skating companions go. It makes you happy, turns your mood from bad to good, and can make you fit, even when you grow old and can’t skate, but you are even thinking about skating. Now you can say that skating is an addiction.