Keith Coleman: Leading the Way in Basketball Training

By MichealKahlig

Life has changed, drastically in such a short period of time. The impacts COVID-19 is having on the world is forcing so many children to stay home.  Everyone wanting to keep things as normal as possible. Parents are asking how can they keep their children engaged like they would if this break from school was over summer, when they would normally be sending them to camps…especially basketball camps. This is nothing like summer break, but kids are still home during the daytime hours. Providing basketball training is important part of not only their physical wellbeing, but also their mental stability. It has been proven that keeping to a child’s routine as much as possible helps lower anxiety during this time of uncertainty.

“At the moment we are rolling out cutting edge things to keep children training and to keep children safe during their training,” said Keith Coleman, CEO of WAVA System Sports.

Many in the sports world know him as Coach Coleman and the Free Throw Doctor. But Keith is best known for his ability to utilize his 22 years in the Marine Corps to think outside the box regarding basketball innovation and training. This is how he stays consistently ahead of his peers when it comes to unique training methods.

Keith’s company, WAVA System Sports, started to investigate Cyber training in March of 2018. His company released the first cyber basketball training rollout through his Keith Coleman Basketball Camps website in October 2019. They distributed the training in Europe and continued to extend their reach to Asia, Africa, and now around the world. Keith is now training players worldwide almost weekly. This type of training is new to many parents and players, but it is gradually being accepted as the current pandemic continues to grip the world. Parents are finding this type of training as a staple to their children’s everyday life while giving them a useful tool to look forward to everyday and giving them exercise. Plus, parents cannot believe how easy it is for them to signup and get their child registered for the training.

“I have always wanted to be able to train students all over the world and my cyber training gave me that opportunity to do so. I believe this will become the new normal for many children trying to learn the game of basketball, ”said Keith.

Why has Keith Coleman led the way in this type of training? He combines his master’s degree in curriculum development with being certified in online education, numerous technology certificates, and his military experience taking him around the world. Keith acknowledges this is a large reason he has so many quality international contacts. Discipline and integrity have built him a reputation among peers and competitors.

In 2012 he released a basketball training video called the WAVA System. WAVA is an acronym for Waging an Aggressive and Vigorous Attack and has military language in the core of its philosophy and terminology. It is a continuity offense, like a modified flex, that can be run on either side of the floor and, when used correctly, can be run through many times with similar effects. This system, combined with the five other sets, can counterattack any defense the opposition may apply. WAVA is about discipline, developing mental toughness, flexibility and control.

And it works.

Here is what a coach said about his special training 8 years ago. “Coach Coleman has helped the speed of the game with his “WAVA” system. Think about it, speed is what fans want. Teams that learn to run this type of offense will have more people coming to see their teams than those not running the “WAVA” system.In an era of strength and speed in athletics I find it funny how so many “experts” on basketball can NOT see what Coach Coleman has done with this video. He has given all of us a look into the future of basketball.”

Keithis currently working on WAVA System 2.0. Coaches all over the world are looking forward to the release of WAVA System 2.0 and WAVA System 3.0. He is also working on his 5th book and is being highlighted on Podcast and articles all around the world.

“I believe that getting new types of training out to coaches as soon as possible is important to the development of young coaches. I will have my company to continue to be creative as we find new ways to train young basketball players around the world, ”said Keith.

With social distancing becoming the new normal, Keith’s revolutionary training methods may be just what coaches and players need to keep training, keep improving, and stay basketball ready.

Edward Aubry