Today, we live in a world dominated by sports and entertainment. Powered by the availability of the television and internet, fans the world over now have the ability to watch, and enjoy their favorite athletes go to battle for the top price. Ever since its inception, the F1 has always been a sport esteemed by many and backed with a huge following all over the world.

F1 Recent Developments

Formula 1 events especially the British Grand Prix fall amongst the higher echelons when it comes to competition for racing cars with open-wheel. Having stood the test of time and is presently at the pinnacle of motorsports has been as still being a special year for the F1 community. Although all F1 events are always spectacles be it watching live on or in the comfort of your home, they never disappoint.

With the reigning and defending champion on display at his Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes AG team wouldn’t want to disappoint their fans. Especially after last year’s performance when the Brit came second to Sebastian Vettel in his home Grand Prix. Fortunately, 2018 isn’t 2019 and Lewis rolled the dices and gave the fans the performance they all were expecting as he was over 24 seconds faster than second-placed Valtteri Botas.

Pavilius Sporting Hospitality: Unique Experience

For events of this magnitude to become a reality, there must be a competent team and a brain behind it to make it a success. While the race teams conduct their final checks on the racecars, drivers stay focus to give their all on the track. As such, Pavilius Sporting Hospitality and their team aren’t left behind. They are at the forefront of the F1 British Grand Prix and they never disappoint. Their work was evident at Silverstone in every turn.

  • Every fan at Silverstone had food and or snacks duly prepared by one of the best if not the best in the business in head chef Steven Saunders. Who happens to be amongst the master chefs in Great Britain
  • Experienced hostesses and event managers aplenty on display to meet the diverse needs of the fans
  • Special race viewing from the Silverstone Six Grandstand seat
  • Flat-screen plasmas strategically placed to provide top shelve fans viewing experience spiced with live race and timing feeds
  • An official race day manual or schedule provided in a gift bag for all fans present and of course,
  • Free-flowing Champagne and all-day complimentary bar charged with serving beers, wines, and soft drinks depending on the needs of the fans.

Final Note

What’s the F1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone without one of the finest in the UK hospitality industry (Pavilius Sporting Hospitality). Their customer service and interaction with the fans is top-notch and matched by non-in the business. All of this is a testament to their resilient team who aren’t scared of putting in 110% every race day especially at the Iconic Silverstone Circuit

Clare Louise