Pros and Cons of Betting in Kenya

Kenya is one of the countries in South Africa wherein there is a bridge that connects the impoverished and middle-class citizens, and it is through gambling. Betting in Kenya comes in many forms, and they’re undoubtedly one platform for everyone, no matter the price that you can pay.

For people with an economically-depressed background, slot machines, and small bet games on the streets are the primary sources of gambling in the country that even underage boys can bet for a small amount. However, the Kenyan government does not allow any form of gambling to minors.

On the other hand, middle-class people do not often go to slot machines but use their mobile phones in online gambling casinos. Online casinos have been a nest for online gamblers because of the chances that a person wins big prizes once they got lucky. Most of the time, online gambling includes sports.

In terms of sports, football has been the most played sport in Kenya. Children and teenagers are always seen in Kenya playing football in the streets without any shoes on, and millions of Kenyans are glued to watching their local teams on the television. Because of these reasons, football games have been the most betted sports.

A staggering 57% of the Kenyan population has already joined a betting game once, and surely, most of these bettors are hooked and are continuously betting on their favorite sports teams. There are positive and negative effects of betting, and if you decide to bet as your vice, you should at least know what you are getting into.

Here is a Chezacash infographic that tells you the good and bad aspect of betting in Kenya that explains the country’s stand on betting.

Edward Aubry