The Champions

Do you love fighting, tuning into every match that plays on TV, whether it’s UFC, or ONE? Well you got to check out the latest one championship mma news, there are so many reigning champions, who are not going with out a fight. So many new faces in each division who is giving of so much more than you think. The world champions and the World Grand Prix champions are truly striving, you have go to see what they are doing.

What makes them become champions?

When we take boxing, or mixed martial arts into consideration we have to know about the how they become champions. In boxing and mixed martial arts there are different division according to the weights, like featherweight, lightweight, heavyweight and so on. And each of them is decide between a title match. This is where you have to go against the tile holder in order to win that title. The holder must participate to keep their title, or will have to surrender and forfeit their title. If he or she wants it back again then they’ll have to win it back from the new champion. And this is how this system works, so everybody’s got to hustle because it’s not going to be easy.

Who are the World champions up to date?

With there being many divisions being open there are a number of winners. When considering the World Championships for the MMA they are;

  • Brandon Vera, for heavyweight since 2015, and has defended it 2 times.
  • Aung La Nsang for both Light Heavyweight in 2018, and Middleweight in 2017, he defended these titles 4 times.
  • Christian Lee for Welterweight in 2019, he has not had to defend his title yet.
  • Joshua Pacio for Strawweight in 2019, and he defended this 2 times.

There are way more champions, but these are some the famous, you can read more about one championship mma news and details on their site, and get to know more about these champions.

How much do they make?

These champions train everyday so they can strive to be better, but they are also doing it because they love it, however it is their job to fight. So if you think about it if they fight they get paid, and they get paid a lot. On average a fighter will get paid $50,000 minimum per fight and an additional $50,000 as a bonus for each win.

Clare Louise