The Journey to Becoming a Martial Arts Coach and Instructor

In the martial arts, an instructor is vital and is the last step in a person’s journey as a student. An instructor has mastery of a style and can teach all about that style to others. By helping news students better their skills is a demanding and very rewarding end of many years of hard training and requires more than only ability. When you have gained the experience, you will need to make an application for certification in order to be known as a coach or instructor of your chosen style. Then your focus will be to become known in your area and train the next generation of martial artists so that this tradition remains alive.

First steps

Here are the first 3 steps you must take for how to become an MMA coach

  • Choose a style – there are many different martial arts – find one that captures your attention;
  • Become dedicated to training – enroll in classes and start on your journey. Absorb everything, trying to understand each technique and the intent behind it;
  • Mastery of basic level – earn a first-degree black belt, or any other rank in your style;
  • History – learn the history of your style because an instructor not only helps students develop the style but need to know the unique cultural character of your style.

Becoming a MMA personal trainer

  • Apply for instructor certification – Typicallythis will involve instructor training courses, comprehensive exam with both a practical demonstration as well as a written test on style’s history and theory.
  • Annual training –You will need to keep up with all the requisite annual hours of training.

Apply for an instructor position at a school developing your skills even more. This will also help you have the needed experience to start your own school.